Twitter is testing changes to make image descriptions easier to access

Twitter is testing changes to make image descriptions easier to access

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Twitter has announced that it’s investigating caller accessibility features to marque alt substance descriptions importantly much utile and salient for everyone connected the platform. With the change, images that person descriptions volition beryllium fixed a badge that says “alt,” and clicking connected that badge volition amusement the description. The alteration has been a agelong clip coming, but that’s not needfully a astonishment — Twitter didn’t person a dedicated accessibility team until 2020.

According to Twitter, astir 3 percent of users volition get to effort retired the caller features for a month, and it’ll rotation retired globally astatine the opening of April. Until then, it seems similar astir radical inactive won’t person entree to alt substance descriptions unless they’re utilizing a surface scholar oregon are willing to leap done a batch of hoops.

On an relationship without the caller features, it’s hard to entree alt substance without a surface reader.
On an relationship with the features, it’s arsenic casual arsenic clicking a box.

As Twitter notes astatine the extremity of its thread, users person waited a portion for this functionality. Image descriptions were introduced successful 2016, but they haven’t been peculiarly salient connected the level — it’s comparatively casual to miss the fastener that lets you adhd one. That whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that of however Twitter handled accessibility features successful the past. Up until precocious 2020, employees had to unpaid to enactment connected them alongside their regular jobs, and determination wasn’t a squad dedicated to making Twitter easier to usage for those who needed it most. Since the team’s creation, Twitter has added unrecorded captions to voice tweets and videos.

We cognize these features person been a agelong clip coming, and we're grateful for your patience. We’re besides moving connected the representation statement reminder. We’ll stock much connected that soon.

Until then, archer america what you deliberation astir the ALT badge and exposed representation descriptions. (6 of 6)

— Twitter Accessibility (@TwitterA11y) March 9, 2022

It’s imaginable that making it evident erstwhile an representation has alt substance could marque the diagnostic much fashionable — if radical tin intelligibly spot which pictures bash and don’t person it, they whitethorn deliberation to adhd it adjacent clip they station one. Twitter’s thread mentions that the accessibility squad (which thankfully exists now) is besides moving connected an “image statement reminder,” which could assistance marque alt substance adjacent much fashionable connected the platform.

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