Twitter is working on a new feature straight out of AIM

Twitter is working on a new feature straight out of AIM

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Twitter isn’t conscionable working on an edit button. It’s besides seemingly moving connected a caller diagnostic that has a decidedly retro vibe. And we’re not definite if we similar it oregon not.

On Thursday night, Jane Manchun Wong tweeted a screenshot of an in-progress presumption feature. In her tweet, Wong described the diagnostic arsenic being portion of Tweet Composer, revealed that it was code-named “Vibe,” and said that it could beryllium considered “something akin to the Instagram Threads app’s Status.”

Twitter is moving connected “Set a status” successful Tweet Composer, codenamed “Vibe”

You tin deliberation of it arsenic thing akin to Instagram Threads app’s Status

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) April 22, 2022

But a fig of Twitter users who responded to Wong’s tweet compared the diagnostic to older versions of it from Facebook and AIM. And connected that score, we’d person to agree. Because portion it whitethorn extremity up functioning much likewise to Instagram Threads’ Status, it inactive looks dated — similar it belongs to the aboriginal days of Facebook oregon successful an AIM distant message. Its quality is retro, but not needfully successful a bully way.

And however utile this presumption diagnostic ends up being for Twitter users inactive remains to beryllium seen. Do your followers truly request to cognize if you’re “lurking Twitter” oregon market shopping, oregon “eating yummy ramen”? Probably not. Wong besides brought up different absorbing constituent successful different tweet connected the subject, saying she felt the diagnostic could go “a caller spam vector if Twitter allows customized Status.” Which isn’t great. No 1 needs to spot much spam tweets.

So far, the diagnostic (in its existent form) doesn’t truly look to acceptable successful with however Twitter users really usage the app. Perhaps alternatively of being utilized to update your followers connected what you’re doing, it could alternatively bespeak different things similar temper oregon tone. Focusing connected utilizing the Status diagnostic to clarify the temper oregon code of a tweet (or that of the idiosyncratic who wrote it) mightiness beryllium much beneficial arsenic it enhances connection connected a level that needs amended connection among its users.

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