Twitter makes it harder to choose the old reverse-chronological feed

Twitter makes it harder to choose the old reverse-chronological feed

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Twitter is rolling retired a alteration that, frustratingly, makes it a spot much hard to spot your chronological feed.

The plan change, which lets you swipe betwixt your Home (algorithmically served) and Latest (reverse chronological) timelines, was announced Thursday. To acceptable it up, you pat the sparkle icon successful the apical close corner, and you’ll spot the enactment to pin your “Latest timeline,” and if you prime that, you’ll spot some “Home” and “Latest Tweets” tabs astatine the apical of the iOS app. If you usage pinned lists connected the iOS app, the layout mightiness look familiar. The diagnostic is disposable archetypal connected iOS, and it’s coming “soon” to Android and the web, Twitter says. (The institution began investigating the diagnostic in October.)

To my large disappointment, however, I’ve recovered that aft investigating the feature, present I can’t marque the chronological provender the default. Instead, I tin lone person Home arsenic my default or acceptable up the 2 Home and Latest Tweets tabs and swap betwixt them arsenic needed.

It’s not each bad. When jumping betwixt Twitter and different apps connected my phone, if Latest Tweets was the file I was looking at, it volition beryllium the absorption erstwhile I instrumentality to Twitter. But erstwhile I unit adjacent and re-open the app erstwhile looking astatine the Latest Tweets column, the Home provender is what Twitter shows first. Twitter spokesperson Shaokyi Amdo said that the Home provender volition beryllium pinned archetypal by default “for now” and confirmed determination is nary mode to pin Latest archetypal by default.

This feels similar a large measurement backmost to me. Now, connected iOS, immoderate clip I privation to scroll done a reverse-ordered provender similar I ever did before, I’ll person to cheque archetypal to spot if I’m looking astatine the close feed. Fortunately, astatine slightest for now, Latest tin inactive beryllium the default connected the web for maine — including connected my iPhone’s Safari.

Twitter archetypal began rolling retired its algorithmic timeline in 2016 (to immoderate high-profile uproar) and introduced the sparkle icon to fto you toggle betwixt the algorithmic and reverse chronological feeds in 2018. To me, the sparkle ever felt similar a decent-enough mode to fto the Home and Latest timelines co-exist, but with the alteration announced Thursday, Twitter seems to beryllium pushing users toward the algorithmic feed. Instagram, connected the different hand, is investigating bringing backmost its chronological feed.

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