Twitter may accept Musk’s $43 billion offer today

Twitter may accept Musk’s $43 billion offer today

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Well, that escalated quickly. Elon Musk and Twitter’s committee surely had an eventful play and it looks similar a imaginable woody betwixt the 2 sides could beryllium announced arsenic soon arsenic Monday.

On Sunday, negotiations began betwixt Musk and Twitter regarding his connection to bargain the institution and instrumentality it private. And according to Reuters, Twitter is expected to judge Musk’s archetypal connection of $43 billion. This abrupt crook of events appears to beryllium owed successful ample portion to Musk revealing his financing plans past week, which past resulted successful Twitter’s shareholders asking “the institution not to fto the accidental for a woody to gaffe away.”

Reuters besides reported the pursuing details astir the imaginable woody reached betwixt Musk and Twitter:

  • The woody amounts to $54.20 per share.
  • The woody inactive needs to beryllium recommended to shareholders by the Twitter’s board, and Reuters’ unnamed sources said that it whitethorn inactive “collapse astatine the past minute.”
  • Its existent iteration does not person a proviso that allows Twitter to store for different bids aft signing this deal. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t judge an connection from idiosyncratic else. Twitter tin bash that, but it would person to wage a “break-up fee” to Musk.

All of this is occurring not agelong aft Twitter adopted a poison pill strategy successful effect to (and ostensibly to support against) the connection they’re present expected to judge connected Monday. At the clip of this penning Twitter is presently astatine $50.67 per share, according to MarketWatch.

This communicative is inactive processing and we volition update it arsenic much details emerge.

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