Twitter may be adding a built-in podcasts tab

Twitter may be adding a built-in podcasts tab

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It looks similar Twitter’s gathering a tab dedicated to podcasts, arsenic shown successful a screenshot posted by reverse technologist Jane Manchun Wong. The representation shows a microphone icon successful the Twitter app’s bottommost paper bar, which appears to pb to a leafage titled “Podcasts.”

The screenshot doesn’t amusement immoderate denotation of however podcasts could beryllium displayed connected the level oregon if it’ll someway incorporated Spaces, the platform’s audio-only chatrooms. Right now, unrecorded Spaces are stuffed astatine the apical of Twitter feeds, and it would marque consciousness to signifier them into a abstracted tab.

Twitter began branching retired to audio erstwhile it first launched Spaces successful 2020 and dove adjacent deeper into the mean with its acquisition of societal podcast level Breaker. Spaces has been an ongoing task for the platform, which precocious started letting anyone make chatrooms and allowing all mobile users to grounds conversations.

Recorded Spaces are already a spot similar podcasts, albeit lone impermanent ones, which lone past 30 days. If a Twitter podcast diagnostic is thing similar Spotify oregon Apple Podcasts, users would beryllium capable to take from and perceive to podcasts astatine their leisure, with nary unreserved to drawback a unrecorded Spaces broadcast oregon perceive to recordings earlier clip runs out.

As societal platforms look toward adding much features to perchance thrust much revenue, Twitter is conscionable the latest to perchance turn different limb to enactment podcasts. Last year, Facebook launched a podcast feature for prime creators, portion Reddit conscionable enabled recording for its audio-only Talks. The Verge reached retired to Twitter with a petition for remark but didn’t instantly perceive back.

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