Twitter’s CEO says employees can return to the office starting March 15th

Twitter’s CEO says employees can return to the office starting March 15th

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Twitter volition beryllium afloat re-opening its offices and bringing backmost concern question starting connected March 15th, according to a post written by CEO Parag Agrawal. In his enactment (see the afloat substance below), Agrawal reiterates the argumentation enactment into spot by erstwhile Twitter pb Jack Dorsey, saying that employees volition beryllium allowed to enactment remotely full-time if that’s what they’re comfy with.

While Agrawal says that helium wants Twitter employees to enactment wherever they “feel astir productive and creative” and that the institution is committed to “truly flexible work,” his connection does thin a batch connected the benefits of bureau work. It mentions however hard distributed enactment is portion besides saying that “office visits, squad meetings, and events each bring that civilization to beingness successful specified a almighty way.”

This implies that Twitter’s distant enactment civilization won’t rather beryllium the aforesaid arsenic a institution similar Dropbox, which announced successful 2020 that it was going “virtual first.” To Dropbox, that means that distant enactment is the default, and offices are much similar co-working spaces wherever employees tin take to clasp meetings alternatively of places to enactment individually.

While Twitter does look to beryllium expressing immoderate penchant successful its messaging, its policies are inactive looser than what immoderate different tech companies person announced. Amazon, for instance, is leaving work-from-home argumentation decisions for its firm workers up to idiosyncratic teams alternatively than idiosyncratic employees. Google and Microsoft have said they’ll beryllium investigating retired hybrid policies wherever employees volition travel to the bureau some, but not all, days.

Here’s Agrawal’s afloat enactment to employees:


There’s a batch happening successful the satellite close now, but fixed the improving authorities of the pandemic, we person made an important determination that I wanted to stock arsenic it impacts each of us. It’s been astir 2 years since we closed our offices and travel, and I’m excited to denote that we’re acceptable to afloat unfastened up concern question and each our offices astir the world! Business question is backmost effectual immediately, and bureau openings volition commencement connected March 15. Our civilization is electrical and palpable. Os’ffice visits, squad meetings, and events each bring that civilization to beingness successful specified a almighty way, and I can’t hold to spot it each happen.

Our apical precedence since the opening of the pandemic has been to support you each harmless and this volition continue. But we’re present astatine a signifier wherever you’re surviving your lives, adjusting to section wellness guidelines, and deciding what works champion for you. So too, the decisions astir wherever you work, whether you consciousness harmless traveling for business, and what events you attend, should beryllium yours.

As we unfastened backmost up, our attack remains the same. Wherever you consciousness astir productive and originative is wherever you volition enactment and that includes moving from location full-time forever. Office each day? That works too. Some days successful office, immoderate days from home? Of course. That’s really however astir of you feel. This brings maine to my adjacent point..

In 2020 we adjusted rapidly to moving virtually with resilience and agility, but astir each of america were moving from home. Distributed moving volition beryllium much, overmuch harder. Anyone who has joined a gathering remotely portion others are successful a league country knows this pain. There volition beryllium tons of challenges successful the coming months, and we’ll request to beryllium proactive, intentional, learn, and adapt. We’re successful this together, and we each play a relation successful the open, inclusive, and productive civilization we privation to create.

Details connected logistics, dates, information measures, and however we enactment volition beryllium coming soon from Pat and Tracy to whom I americium profoundly grateful, on with the astonishing cross-functional squad that carried america done the past 2 years. And convey you to the Tweeps who person in-office roles, similar our information centers, who person been coming into enactment for the past 2 years and proceed to amusement up for america and our customers each azygous day. We admit you.

I look guardant to seeing you each backmost astatine the bureau oregon possibly astatine an event, determination successful your location city, oregon mine?

Can’t wait...


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