Twitter’s DM search will finally actually help you find conversations

Twitter’s DM search will finally actually help you find conversations

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Twitter announced connected Wednesday that its DM hunt diagnostic has gotten a large upgrade — it tin present hunt done the contented of your conversations and instrumentality circumstantial messages that incorporate immoderate keyword you benignant in. Before you could lone usage it to hunt for people’s names oregon the names of radical chats, but present if you privation to find that 1 speech you had with a person astir “chili” you tin conscionable benignant it into the hunt bar.

Of course, searching for idiosyncratic oregon speech names inactive works, and you tin adjacent determine whether you privation to spot results for people, groups, oregon messages — useful if the keyword you’re trying to hunt happens to beryllium someone’s name.

We cognize you’ve been waiting for the enactment to hunt your DMs…

Now you tin usage the hunt barroom successful your inbox to find circumstantial messages utilizing keywords and names.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) March 23, 2022

This alteration has been a agelong clip coming. When Twitter brought DM hunt to Android successful May 2021, it said that contented hunt was coming aboriginal that year. The institution seems to person missed that deadline by a bit, but astatine slightest it’s disposable connected each level — the archetypal hunt was available connected iOS for astir 2 years earlier Twitter added it to Android.

Testing it retired myself, the improved hunt seemed to enactment connected the web, arsenic good arsenic the iOS and Android apps. While it tin hunt reasonably aged messages, it doesn’t look to hunt each of them — it dug up results from 2020, but connected my relationship it didn’t see immoderate results from 2019 oregon earlier. (It’s worthy noting that attempts to hunt for people’s names besides seemed to lone look backmost that acold arsenic well.)

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