Twitter's Notes are like massive tweets you can finally edit

Twitter's Notes are like massive tweets you can finally edit

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Twitter is yet giving you editable tweets...but lone arsenic a portion of its caller test: Notes.

Notes are story-length posts connected and disconnected Twitter that tin beryllium acold longer than 280 characters, and see images, GIFs, embedded Tweets, and videos. They tin besides - yes, yet - beryllium edited earlier and after publish.

Twitter introduced the caller diagnostic connected Wednesday in, naturally, its ain Note (opens successful caller tab)

To beryllium clear, Notes are not precisely Tweets. They unrecorded wrong the Twitter timeline space, but the lengthy posts presently deficiency a fig of halfway Twitter features, including Likes, Retweets, and Replies.

Plus, your Notes postulation volition beryllium stored successful a abstracted Notes tab connected your Twitter profile.

In the post, Twitter explains the rationale for introducing Notes:

"Since the company's earliest days, writers person depended connected Twitter to stock their work, get noticed, beryllium read, make speech — everything but the existent writing. With Notes, the extremity is to capable successful that missing portion and assistance writers find immoderate benignant of occurrence they desire."

Since 2015, this has been the location of @revue. Starting today, @revue is present a portion of @TwitterWrite. 22, 2022

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In immoderate ways, this is little astir embiggening Tweets and much astir Twitter afloat ingesting Revue, the newsletter level it acquired successful 2021 (opens successful caller tab).

In fact, Twitter changed the Revue Twitter grip to @TwitterWrite to amended align it with the embedded Notes.

If immoderate of this seems familiar, the full effort mightiness look a bit, well, SubStack-like. That, too, is astir apt intentional. Substack is simply a contented level that blurs the enactment betwixt newsletters and online publishers. It's gathering a immense postulation of bespoke media brands.

Twitter has acold much voices connected its platform, but, until now, each were constrained to either 280-character Tweets oregon monolithic Threads, which Twitter, by the way, is not abandoning. They could usage Twitter's longer-form Revue newsletter platform, but Revue is not needfully arsenic well-known arsenic SubStack. With Notes, Twitter tin bring the large contented signifier to its astir fashionable space.

The information that determination volition present beryllium thing connected Twitter wherever you tin station (or publish) and past edit is simply a large deal. We cognize Twitter is moving connected the champion ways to let for editable Tweets. Perhaps Notes allows them to trial retired immoderate ideas.

It's not similar it'll beryllium a broad-based test. For the adjacent 2 months, Notes is lone disposable to a tiny postulation of writers from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ghana. Twitter did not place immoderate of those writers. Personally, I anticipation it includes progressive Tweeter and fearfulness maestro Stephen King (opens successful caller tab).

As of this writing, potential Twitter proprietor Elon Musk has yet to remark connected the availability of Notes.

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