Uber Eats brings bill splitting to deliveries

Uber Eats brings bill splitting to deliveries

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Uber Eats is getting a radical bid and measure splitting feature that should marque it easier to guarantee your friends and household members are picking up their stock of the tab.

Instead of passing your telephone astir to everyone successful the radical truthful they tin spot their orders, you’ll present beryllium capable to commencement a radical bid from wrong the Uber Eats app. To bash this, you’ll person to navigate to the edifice you privation to bid from, deed the 3 dots successful the top-right country of the page, and past deed “group order.”

From there, you tin invitation radical members by selecting from your phone’s contacts; they’ll each person an bid nexus implicit substance connection (and volition person to download the app if they haven’t already). Your guests tin past take and wage for the nutrient that they want.

Uber Eats’ radical bid diagnostic lets your guests spot orders separately connected their ain devices. Image by Uber

But if you’re feeling other generous, Uber Eats gives you the enactment to ft the full measure portion besides letting you acceptable spending limits to deter anyone from ordering the astir costly point connected the menu. Whether you wage for oregon divided the bill, Uber says each the nutrient volition get delivered astatine the aforesaid time.

And if you’re readying immoderate benignant of get-together, Uber besides gives you the enactment to make radical orders up to 7 days earlier the planned event. People tin prime their nutrient wrong a circumstantial model of time, and Uber volition notify them successful lawsuit they forget.

As idiosyncratic who orders from Uber Eats a ton — and besides ends up picking up the tab astir of the clip — I tin accidental that the measure splitting diagnostic is simply a invited addition. It eliminates each imaginable excuse successful the book, ranging from “I’ll wage you backmost tomorrow” to “I don’t person Venmo,” and besides means you don’t person to awkwardly nudge radical to get them to repay you.

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