Ubuntu Linux tries for the office desktop

Ubuntu Linux tries for the office desktop

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Linux runs the world, but it doesn't tally the accepted PC desktop -- nor does it look apt it ever will. 

But, that doesn't mean the Linux desktop can't play a large relation connected the bureau desktop. Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's genitor company, is trying a caller instrumentality connected its fashionable Ubuntu desktop

One of these moves is the instauration of Ubuntu Pro beta. This is an expanded information instrumentality connected the Ubuntu Long-Term Support (LTS) releases. 

Starting with the Ubuntu 16.04 variation and including the aboriginal LTS versions, Canonical volition connection expanded information sum for critical, high, and mean Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) to each of Ubuntu's open-source applications and toolchains for 10 years. 

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Yes, you work that right, you get information patches not conscionable for the operating system, but for each of Ubuntu's open-source applications for a decade. 

Most of these are server programs, specified arsenic Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Drupal, Nagios, Redis, and WordPress. But, it besides includes specified developer essentials arsenic Docker, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Python 2, and Rust. Altogether, Canonical is supporting much than 23,000 packages. Indeed, it's present offering information for, arsenic Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical's CEO, said, "Security sum to each azygous bundle successful the Ubuntu distribution."

Canonical isn't doing this connected its own. It's offering free, improved information successful concern with the information absorption institution Tenable. Robert Huber, Tenable's Chief Security Officer, said, "Ubuntu Pro offers information spot assurance for a wide spectrum of open-source software. Together, we springiness customers a instauration for trustworthy unfastened source."

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Beyond mean security, Canonical is backporting information fixes from newer exertion versions. This enables Ubuntu Pro users to usage the Ubuntu merchandise of their prime for semipermanent information without forced upgrades. Happy to support utilizing Ubuntu 20.04? No problem. You tin tally it until April 2030. Knock yourself out.  

This caller instrumentality connected Ubuntu besides includes compliance absorption tools via the Ubuntu Security Guide (USG) and the Ubuntu Landscape absorption tool. With this, your concern tin comply with specified hardening and compliance standards arsenic certified CIS benchmark tooling and DISA-STIG profiles. Businesses tin besides entree the FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic packages they request to comply with FedRAMP, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS-related work. 

Why? It's portion of Canonical's doctrine of staying committed to its assemblage and making unfastened root easier and safer for everyone. For the astir part, Linux desktops contiguous are burdened by a fragmented attack to semipermanent maintenance.  With Ubuntu Pro, you tin beryllium definite your desktop volition enactment unchangeable and harmless for a decennary portion you absorption connected your concern alternatively of updating your desktop. 

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The Ubuntu desktop has been increasing ever much fashionable for businesses arsenic good arsenic fans. Shuttleworth said, "Over the past 15 years, we've seen dependable increases successful the endeavor usage of Ubuntu. … It's present the world's astir wide utilized Linux."

He continued, "I'm peculiarly arrogant of the partnerships that we person with companies similar Dell, Lenovo, and HP. These alteration anybody anyplace successful the satellite to spell online and configure the precise latest laptop oregon PC hardware to get with Ubuntu pre-installed. This meets the needs of everyone from students each the mode up to precise high-end developer usage cases." 

Shuttleworth remarked,  "Since we archetypal launched Ubuntu LTS, with 5 years of escaped information sum for the main OS, our endeavor customers person asked america to screen much and much of the wider open-source scenery nether backstage commercialized agreements. Today, we are excited to connection the benefits of each of that work, escaped of charge, to anyone successful the world, with a escaped idiosyncratic Ubuntu Pro subscription." This, Shuttleworth added, "is not a pupil edition, it's not a developer-only edition, it's for afloat commercialized usage for you and for immoderate concern you ain for up to 5 machines."

The Ubuntu Pro desktop besides supports Advanced Active Directory (AD) Policies. This includes afloat Group Policy Object support, distant publication execution, and privilege management. Or, if you prefer, you tin usage Landscape to negociate for escaped up to ten  Ubuntu desktops. 

Users tin get a escaped idiosyncratic Ubuntu Pro subscription astatine ubuntu.com/pro for up to 5 machines. This escaped tier is for idiosyncratic and small-scale commercialized use. Paid plans commencement astatine $25 per twelvemonth per workstation. The modular Ubuntu Pro subscription covers the afloat acceptable of information updates for each Ubuntu packages.

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If you determine to determination a ample concern to Ubuntu, you tin harvester Ubuntu Pro with up to 24×7 enterprise-grade enactment coverage. You tin besides grow your enactment program to screen infrastructure programs specified arsenic MAAS, LXD, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Ceph storage, Swift storage, and different open-source applications.

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