Union files objections to Amazon’s actions in Bessemer, AL election

Union files objections to Amazon’s actions in Bessemer, AL election

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The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (or RWDSU) has filed objections against Amazon to the National Labor Relations Board, saying that the institution has again interfered with its predetermination successful Bessemer, Alabama (via CNBC).

In a property release, the national alleges that the institution “threatened an worker with works closure if the Union was voted in,” barred employees from posting pro-union literature, and “engaged successful surveillance and / oregon created the content of surveillance of employees engaged successful protected concerted activities,” among galore different things. The national is asking the NLRB to docket a proceeding connected its objections to find whether the results of the 2nd Bessemer predetermination should beryllium acceptable speech and a caller predetermination held.

The complaint, which you tin work successful afloat below, is astir Amazon’s behaviour during the national predetermination that wrapped up past month. The last outcome of that predetermination is presently unknown — portion the votes were tallied astatine 993 to 875 against unionization, determination were implicit 400 challenged ballots. As a result, the result depends connected a proceeding that hasn’t yet been scheduled.

The predetermination that’s present being challenged was held arsenic a redo, aft the RWDSU mislaid a erstwhile predetermination by a astir 2 to 1 borderline past year. The NLRB recovered that Amazon interfered with the archetypal predetermination successful Bessemer, and ordered a caller one.

In a statement, RWDSU president Stuart Appelbaum said: “We impulse the NLRB to cautiously reappraisal our objections and guarantee nary company, not adjacent with the bottomless pockets of Amazon, is allowed to enactment supra the law.”

Amazon did not instantly reply to The Verge’s petition for comment.

Amazon has faced akin accusations before, extracurricular of Bessemer. In January, the NLRB filed a ailment against Amazon, saying it threatened, surveilled, and intimidated workers during the Staten Island national drive, arsenic good arsenic prevented organizers from distributing literature. The bureau is besides suing the company for firing Gerald Bryson, an Amazon Labor Union organizer, and is trying to extremity the practice of “captive audience” meetings.

This means that the results of some Amazon unionization elections are presently being challenged — connected Thursday, Amazon said it intended to object to the Amazon Labor Union’s triumph successful New York. The result of that predetermination was overmuch much decisive; workers astatine Amazon’s JFK8 warehouse voted to unionize, 2,654 to 2,131.