US knocks out Japan to take the supercomputer Top500 crown

US knocks out Japan to take the supercomputer Top500 crown

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US-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)'s Frontier system has been declared arsenic the astir almighty supercomputer and the "first existent exascale machine" by the 59th variation of the Top500 planetary supercomputer list.

Based connected the HPE Cray EX235a architecture and equipped with AMD EPYC 64C 2GHz processors, the strategy features much than 8,730,000 cores and surpassed the 1 exaflop obstruction with a High-Performance Linpack (HPL) people of 1.102 exaflops. The supercomputer is presently being integrated and tested astatine the ORNL wherever it volition beryllium operated by the Department of Energy.

By taking the apical spot, Frontier knocks Japan's Fugaku system, which has held the fig 1 ranking for the past 2 consecutive years, to fig 2 arsenic it continues to deed a HPL benchmark people of 442 PFlops.

"Considering the information that Fugaku's theoretical highest is supra the 1 exaflop barrier, there's origin to besides telephone this strategy an exascale instrumentality arsenic well. However, Frontier is the lone strategy capable to show this connected the HPL benchmark test," according to the list.

Rounding retired the apical 3 is newcomer Finland's Lumi strategy -- different HPE Cray EX strategy and Europe's largest strategy -- that has a show of 151.9 Pflops utilizing conscionable implicit 1,110,100 cores.

The Top500 besides welcomed the summation of France's Adastra strategy -- the 2nd astir almighty instrumentality successful Europe and 3rd HPE Cray EX strategy connected the database -- to the 10th position, aft it achieved an HPL benchmark people of 46.1 Pflops.

China and the US continued to predominate the database with 173 and 126 entries respectively, making up collectively astir two-thirds of the supercomputers connected the Top500.

The database besides noted that AMD processors was the preferred exertion for HPC systems, arsenic it was utilised by Frontier, Lumi system, arsenic good arsenic Perlmutter and Selene that ranked seventh and eighth position, respectively.

Finally, the database indicated that ethernet inactive won retired with 226 machines, adjacent though it was a driblet from 240 machines connected the past list; Infiniband accounted for 196; Omnipath stayed accordant with 40 machines connected the list; portion customized interconnects accounted for 32 connections; and determination were lone six systems with proprietary networks, similar past year's list. 

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