Valve quietly upgrades its upcoming Steam Deck dock

Valve quietly upgrades its upcoming Steam Deck dock

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As we each patiently await the accomplishment of the authoritative Steam Deck dock, it appears that Valve has softly upgraded its specs up of release. While the fig of ports connected the instrumentality hasn’t changed, determination are a fewer cardinal differences that volition nary uncertainty delight owners of the handheld gaming PC.

Prior to the Steam Deck dock revamp, Valve’s authoritative spec expanse listed a azygous USB 3.1 larboard and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Now, erstwhile visiting the aforesaid page, it appears that it volition vessel with 3 USB 3.1 ports instead. Additionally, the formerly non-descript “Ethernet” larboard is present explicitly described arsenic “Gigabit Ethernet.”

These changes to the Steam Deck dock volition greatly amended the velocity astatine which you tin download and play games via outer gaming SSDs, owed to the higher specification and rated speeds of some ports. Plus, this should alleviate immoderate worries of the instrumentality inhibiting the show of your gaming keyboard and mouse, arsenic immoderate peripherals request USB 3.0 ports astatine minimum.

Valve is yet to supply a much circumstantial Steam Deck dock merchandise date past “late Spring 2022”, but for present you tin cheque retired our picks for the best Steam Deck dock you tin prime up today.

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