Vampire Survivors Bone Zone update adds flower-farting dog

Vampire Survivors Bone Zone update adds flower-farting dog

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Vampire Survivor’s latest quality is simply a canine with the quality to fart retired flowers. The almighty pupper was added to the deed indie game implicit the play arsenic portion of spot 0.5.1 and is precise overmuch arsenic fantabulous arsenic you’d imagine.

Vampire Survivor’s formed of characters each person their unsocial abilities, though they each service a akin purpose. The roguelike and slug hellhole mashup sends waves of enemies your way, truthful you person to blast done them portion managing your spacing appropriately oregon they’ll swarm you. In lawsuit you were wondering, you can’t favored this dog. They person a batch going connected close now.

The caller quality arrives alongside different things successful the caller Vampire Survivors update. There’s a caller hard situation signifier called The Bone Zone that’s fundamentally a country made of bones filled with levitating skeleton heads that interval aft you. Developer Poncle has besides added 1 much fertile for reroll and skip power-ups alongside 2 caller arcanas. You’ve got heaps of tweaks and bug fixes, too.

Here’s the caller pupper successful action:

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