Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV review: the Goldilocks TV

Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV review: the Goldilocks TV

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Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV Review

Vizio M-Series Quantum X

MSRP $849.99

“From the representation show to the price, the MQX is conscionable right.”


  • Solid brightness and HDR performance
  • Impressive achromatic levels for the price
  • Decent backlight control
  • Great price

For galore years, Vizio’s M-Series TVs person been cardinal to its business. Not lone does the M-Series beryllium smack successful the mediate of Vizio’s expansive TV lineup – supra the much humble D- and V-Series, but beneath the much premium P- and PX-Series – but it represents the highest level of value. It doesn’t effort to interruption brightness oregon colour measurement barriers, but it does purpose to present coagulated representation prime and an expansive database of desirable features astatine a precise charismatic price.

The assemblage for a TV similar the M-Series is huge. Anyone that’s consenting to wage a small spot much for a prime experience, but stops abbreviated of diving heavy into confusing specs tin admit what the M-Series stands to offer.

With that successful mind, I’ve been anxious to spot however Vizio’s caller 2022 M-Series Quantum X (MQX) would perform. With the summation of quantum dots, it promises brighter colour and amended HDR show than erstwhile models, but astatine the aforesaid approachable price.

I’ve spent respective weeks with the TV, and here’s what I’ve learned.

Video review

Smartcast feels smarter now

For the past fewer years, the SmartCast astute TV level has been the main people of my complaints with Vizio TVs. It’s been slow, laggy, and mostly frustrating to use. I’ve gone truthful acold arsenic to suggest anyone purchasing a Vizio TV should besides program to acquisition a streaming instrumentality from Roku, Chromecast, oregon Apple, but I’m pleased to study that’s nary longer indispensable — SmartCast present runs highly good connected Vizio’s 2022 M-Series.

The archetypal setup of the TV ran noticeably faster connected the caller M-Series than I’ve experienced successful the past, and I find navigating the TV’s menus and apps to beryllium sufficiently snappy and responsive. Apps load rapidly too, and to date, person ne'er crashed connected me. All of this is simply a immense measurement guardant for Vizio and SmartCast.

Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV showing app library. Riley Young/Digital Trends

The SmartCast layout isn’t to my peculiar taste, but there’s thing specifically atrocious astir it. My lone lingering ailment astir however SmartCast works is that, conscionable similar astir astute TV platforms today, ads thin to beryllium beforehand and halfway — shows and movies Vizio thinks you’ll privation to ticker are placed supra the apps you whitethorn truly privation to get to. As I said though, this occupation is not SmartCast-specific.

One different important note: As I constitute this, the Disney+ app does not enactment Dolby Atmos audio. I cognize that whitethorn look similar a precise circumstantial call-out, but erstwhile I tested the 2022 M-Series, I did truthful alongside the caller M-Series Elevate soundbar, which supports Dolby Atmos, and I was disappointed immoderate of my favourite trial clips connected Diseny+ wouldn’t beryllium usable.

Overall, I springiness the Vizio MQX’s usability a thumbs up. The paper strategy takes a small getting utilized to, but if you conscionable privation to deed the powerfulness fastener and commencement watching Netflix, the MQX volition get you determination rapidly enough.

Vizio MQX-Series details

While we reviewed the 65-inch M65QXM-K03 model, our reappraisal besides applies to the 50-inch and 75-inch models.

Screen Size Model Number  MSRP
50-inch M50QXM-K01
65-inch M65QXM-K03
75-inch M75QXM-K03

Solid and satisfying

While it whitethorn not work similar an overwhelmingly affirmative endorsement, the information that I was astatine nary constituent distracted by thing the Vizio MQX TV did poorly during my valuation is really precocious praise.

I walk a batch of clip reviewing high-end TVs, and erstwhile you walk truthful overmuch clip looking astatine the champion representation prime connected the market, it tin beryllium pugnacious to measurement down to a TV with much humble specs and performance. But that wasn’t the lawsuit with the Vizio MQX.

Overall its backlight show is rather respectable.

Before I pulled retired my fancy TV measurement cogwheel to stitchery a clump of show data, I grabbed a clump of snacks and a fewer fare sodas and I conscionable sat and watched TV. A batch of it. I rewatched respective movies I’ve watched much times than I count, enjoyed a fewer caller flicks I hadn’t gotten to yet, binged 4 episodes each of 2 antithetic bid I’d been excited to see, and adjacent managed to play fractional an hr of video games connected my Xbox Series X.

I enjoyed each 2nd of it.

The Vizio MQX doesn’t usage mini-LED backlights oregon person a tremendous fig of section dimming zones similar much costly TVs, but I wasn’t distracted by immoderate milky achromatic levels oregon monolithic blooms of airy astir agleam objects connected a achromatic inheritance – issues that often plague TVs astatine little terms points. To beryllium clear, the MQX does amusement a small blooming, astir noticeable successful acheronian grey areas. But wide its backlight show is rather respectable.

As my measurements would aboriginal indicate, the MQX doesn’t person highly close colour output, but I ne'er felt similar the colour was “off.” In fact, it looked large astir of the time. There were a fewer moments erstwhile I felt similar reddish and orangish seemed a spot hot, but again, that’s due to the fact that I measure a batch of TVs – I uncertainty astir folks would notice, fto unsocial beryllium bothered.

And erstwhile watching HDR content? I was unexpectedly impressed. I measured the Vizio MQX’s highest luminance for HDR astatine 1,000 nits, which is capable for an enjoyable HDR experience, and I besides determined it could enactment retired full-screen achromatic up to 600 nits, which means the TV tin inactive look awesome successful a country filled with daylight.

Moreover, those show metrics are awesome considering the MQX’s asking price. The lawsuit for the M-Series’ precocious worth continues to mount.

Weak spots

The Vizio MQX’s lone evident weakness is question resolution. By default, adjacent successful the “Calibrated” representation mode which is aimed astatine video purists who would expect to spot immoderate question smoothing successful a TV turned off, immoderate question processing is turned on. Vizio isn’t heavy-handed present – De-Judder was acceptable astatine a 2 retired of 10, portion De-blur was acceptable to 1 retired of 10 – but the nett effect was capable for maine to announcement immoderate artificial smoothing erstwhile I watched 24 fps movies.

Vizio MQX doesn’t connection peculiarly bully dependable quality.

I thought that determination was a spot unusual until I turned some De-Judder and De-Blur off. When I did, I saw capable stutter/judder successful slow-moving movie pans and capable blur successful fast-moving sports that it became wide that, contempt having a 120Hz autochthonal panel, the MQX’s representation processing benefitted from immoderate question interpolation. Fortunately, those “lite” question smoothing settings didn’t present objectionable levels of Soap Opera Effect (SOE).

I should besides notation that the Vizio MQX doesn’t connection peculiarly bully dependable quality. I wasn’t amazed by this, but it should beryllium known by anyone who mightiness acquisition this set. Fortunately, Vizio makes highly good-sounding, affordable soundbars, immoderate of which volition connection amended dependable than the speakers built into astir TVs.

Plenty for gamers and geeks

Whether you’re looking astatine its container oregon its spec sheet, it’s wide the MQX is loaded with the benignant of features enthusiasts are looking for. Vizio makes a circumstantial entreaty to video gamers, offering 4K 120Hz gaming with adaptable refresh complaint (VRR) available, including AMD’s top-tier Freesync Premium Pro certification. When it’s clip to game, the TV automatically kicks into crippled mode with an integrated gaming paper erstwhile it detects a console oregon PC has been powered on. The MQX is besides 1 of the precise fewer TVs that offers the latest Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6E which should alteration creaseless streaming and cloud-based gaming.

How it stacks up

The Vizio M-Series Quantum X has 2 main competitors successful presumption of terms and representation performance: the TCL 5-Series, and the Hisense U7H.

Light streams into a canyon displayed connected  a Vizio M-Series Quantum X TV.Riley Young/Digital Trends

While TCL’s 2022 5-Series TVs person not yet been launched, I tin accidental that the Vizio MQX outperforms the 2021 mentation disposable present successful astir areas. The Hisense U7H is simply a brighter TV than the Vizio MQX, but it’s besides much expensive. There is, however, small to nary contention astatine the MQX’s terms constituent erstwhile it comes to the operation of representation prime and features it offers, particularly erstwhile it comes to gaming prowess.

This puts the Vizio MQX successful a unsocial presumption wrong the TV market. It’s a spot pricier than the TCL 5-Series but little costly than the Hisense U7H. Meanwhile, its representation show and gaming features are close successful enactment with what I deliberation a immense percent of shoppers want.

I conjecture you could accidental the Vizio MQX is the Goldilocks of the worth TV segment: conscionable right.

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