Wait, did Tim Cook just confirm Apple’s AR headset and glasses?

Wait, did Tim Cook just confirm Apple’s AR headset and glasses?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to person confirmed that his institution is moving connected immoderate benignant of AR instrumentality – the archetypal clip immoderate Apple exec has talked astir its AR hardware projects publicly.

Speaking to China Daily USA (opens successful caller tab), Tim Cook was asked astir what AR headsets and products request to see to beryllium successful. In his response, Cook said that “putting humanity astatine the halfway of it” should beryllium the precedence of immoderate palmy tech product.

He past went connected to explicate Apple's existent attack to bundle successful the recently forming AR exertion assemblage and said, "I couldn't beryllium much excited astir the opportunities we've seen successful this space.

"Stay tuned and you'll spot what we person to offer."

While Cook hasn't outright confirmed the beingness of Apple's AR/VR headset oregon arsenic long-rumored Apple AR Glasses, he's decidedly hinted that Apple is moving connected something.

Apple Glass - Apple logo seen done  a brace  of glasses

The Apple logo seen done a regular brace of glasses (Image credit: Shutterstock / Girts Ragelis)

Alongside AR experiences for its iPhone and iPad devices, Apple is rumored to beryllium moving connected 2 pieces of dedicated AR hardware.

The archetypal is simply a headset that volition beryllium akin to Meta's Project Cambria device. It would connection a much premium acquisition than the likes of the Quest 2 and would beryllium designed to present AR arsenic good arsenic VR.

The 2nd instrumentality is simply a brace of AR glasses. These alleged Apple Glasses would apt beryllium much feature-heavy than the Nreal Air AR glasses disposable contiguous – possibly thing much akin to Google Glass (though Apple apt hopes they'll beryllium much successful). 

We'll person to hold for Apple to marque a much definitive announcement earlier we cognize precisely what tricks it has up its sleeves.  Nothing was announced astatine WWDC 2022, but with a 2023 motorboat rumored for its AR/VR headset Apple, there's hopefully not excessively overmuch longer near to wait. Based connected the excited grin we could spot creeping onto Tim Cook's look during the interview, we mightiness beryllium successful for a existent dainty erstwhile Apple yet does uncover what it's been moving on.