Warcraft-style RTS The Purple War begins its open playtest

Warcraft-style RTS The Purple War begins its open playtest

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You person a accidental to effort retired an upcoming RTS game that harkens backmost to the real-time heyday of classics similar Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. In The Purple War, you’ll instrumentality bid of a contention of phantasy combat units, physique a town, and hitch retired your enemies – oregon astatine slightest effort to get immoderate defences up earlier that aboriginal food unreserved arrives.

The Purple War is an evident homage to the Warcraft RTS games, with an creator benignant that draws dense inspiration from the exaggerated designs of Azeroth. In The Purple War, you person elves, humans, and orcs locked successful struggle aft the emergence of a unusual volcanic upland that divided the onshore into 4 segments. That catastrophe wreaked havoc connected the livelihoods of everyone, and present the once-peaceful neighbours are astatine each other’s throats implicit the scarce remaining resources.

When The Purple War is acceptable for release, developer Warlogics says it’ll see campaigns for each race. However, the playtest lone features the competitory multiplayer component. The developer says it’s looking for subordinate feedback connected portion balancing and easiness of use.

Here’s the trailer:

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The playtest runs contiguous done May 8. To join, you conscionable person to caput implicit to The Purple War’s Steam page and click the ‘request access’ fastener located beneath the Early Access and planned merchandise day panels.

The Purple War volition beryllium heading into Early Access soon, and the developers accidental they program connected a afloat merchandise astir six months later.