Watch NASA’s video celebrating record-breaking space mission

Watch NASA’s video celebrating record-breaking space mission

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NASA has shared a video celebrating Mark Vande Hei’s record-breaking enactment successful space.

The astronaut returned to Earth connected Saturday aft 355 days aboard the International Space Station — the longest azygous ngo by an American astronaut.

355 days of science, reflection, and life-long friendships. A look backmost astatine NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei's record-breaking mission.

— International Space Station (@Space_Station) March 30, 2022

The two-minute video is simply a highlights reel of a ngo that lasted much than 8,500 hours and progressive 5,680 orbits of Earth. Besides the thrill of surviving successful space, Vande Hei worked connected countless subject experiments, dabbled successful Earth photography, and adjacent found clip for a abstraction dance. But sadly for the astronaut, an accidental for a spacewalk had to beryllium abandoned erstwhile a trapped nervus successful his cervix meant his spot was taken by a crewmate (luckily helium tin bask the memories of 4 spacewalks helium did connected a ngo 5 years ago).

Speaking precocious astir his record-breaking mission, Vande Hei said the astir memorable parts were “the times erstwhile I was conscionable hanging around, usually astatine mealtime with my crewmates and laughing truthful hard we were successful tears astir immoderate remark that idiosyncratic made.”

Pondering the lows, the 55-year-old astronaut said the microgravity conditions make “a challenging situation … I’ve had a batch of congestion and headaches … times erstwhile you conscionable consciousness precise physically uncomfortable. Those are astir apt the debased points, it colors everything you’re doing, it takes a batch much enactment to enactment successful the close framework of caput successful those situations.”

Looking backmost astatine a ngo that was conscionable 10 days abbreviated of a afloat year, Vande Hei commented: “I ever thought being an astronaut would beryllium an astonishing thing, ne'er thought it would beryllium existent possibility, but the happening that ever inspired maine astir it was this thought that we get to research and bash it successful a mode that benefits each of humanity.”

While astir astronauts enactment aboard the presumption for astir six months, Vande Hei’s extended beingness successful abstraction gives NASA scientists a unsocial accidental to larn from his acquisition arsenic they proceed to program for long-duration crewed missions to the moon and Mars.

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