Watch spacewalkers fiddling about with a cable 250 miles above Earth

Watch spacewalkers fiddling about with a cable 250 miles above Earth

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Two astronauts successfully completed a spacewalk extracurricular the International Space Station (ISS) connected Wednesday, March 23.

NASA astronaut Raja Chari and ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Matthias Maurer worked extracurricular the orbiting outpost for 6 hours and 54 minutes earlier returning wrong astatine 3:26 p.m. ET.

The full spacewalk was livestreamed utilizing cameras attached to the ISS arsenic good arsenic to the astronauts themselves. With the presumption orbiting Earth astatine 17,000 mph, the brace experienced astir 9 sunsets during their lengthy mission.

NASA tweeted a video clip showing Chari and Maurer fiddling with a cablegram arsenic they worked unneurotic immoderate 250 miles supra Earth. The footage revealed the situation of performing intricate tasks wearing bulky, pressurized gloves, and shows that astronauts request to person the patience of a saint successful bid to woody calmly with perchance frustrating situations.

Your task: cablegram management.
Your equipment: bulky, pressurized gloves.
Your location: space.

Could you bash it? @Astro_Raja and @Astro_Matthias did, arsenic they installed @Space_Station hardware upgrades during a spacewalk:

— NASA (@NASA) March 23, 2022

Below is different clip showing the benignant of tricky tasks that crewmates sometimes person to instrumentality connected during a spacewalk.

Maurer and Chari arrived astatine the ISS successful November for what is their archetypal abstraction voyage. Wednesday’s spacewalk was Chari’s 2nd having participated successful 1 past week with NASA workfellow Kayla Barron, portion Maurer was stepping extracurricular for the archetypal time.

“Maurer and Chari completed their large nonsubjective for contiguous to instal hoses connected a Radiator Beam Valve Module that routes ammonia done the station’s heat-rejecting radiators to support systems astatine the due temperature,” NASA said successful a study connected the spacewalk. “The unit members besides installed a powerfulness and information cablegram connected the Columbus module’s Bartolomeo subject platform, replaced an outer camera connected the station’s truss, and conducted different upgrades to presumption hardware.”

The bureau added that the 2 astronauts deferred a a fig of secondary tasks, specified arsenic torque resets and cablegram routing, to a aboriginal spacewalk.

Wednesday’s effort was the 248th spacewalk successful enactment of abstraction presumption assembly, upgrades, and maintenance. Following a abbreviated rest, Chari and Maurer volition resume enactment connected subject probe aboard the abstraction presumption until their instrumentality location successful April.

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