Weird West review: Turning the old West into a sandbox

Weird West review: Turning the old West into a sandbox

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Someone shoots an explosive successful  Weird West.

“While it has its quirks, Weird West is simply a spot of storytelling spectacle that seems to person been hand-crafted for diehard RPG fans.”


  • Brilliantly storytelling
  • Well-developed characters
  • Impactful choices
  • Creative combat


  • Clumsy NPCs
  • Weak ending

I don’t support my emotion of the aged westbound a secret. If you’ve work my sentiment pieces astir Red Dead Online before, you’ll cognize that I’m drawn to the mounting similar Americans were to the westbound coast. If I spot a crippled with a cowboy successful it, I’ll yeehaw my mode consecutive in.

That’s however I was primitively sold connected Weird West.

But Weird West is not a cowboy game. It’s hardly adjacent a occidental game. Weird West, an immersive sim from 2 of the minds down Dishonored, is simply a overmuch much unsocial story. It intelligibly has Dishonored‘s bones, offering players aggregate ways to benignant retired encounters, though it lacks the aforesaid polish. Instead, Weird West‘s instrumentality connected a fictional American frontier meets Dungeons & Dragons hosts the astir engaging stories, adjacent erstwhile it shows its janky side.

Kick dirt

Weird West doesn’t enactment players into the shoes of 1 cowpoke, but 5 antithetic figures. Each is unsocial to the game’s mounting successful their ain way. Players commencement disconnected arsenic a pistillate whose hubby is kidnapped, forcing her to prime up her guns and instrumentality to her bounty hunting ways arsenic she tracks the villains that took her man.

During this archetypal adventure, the West is large, scary, and strange. I started by traveling to different farmstead, and immediately, Weird West showed maine that I was allowed to bash immoderate I wanted. At the commencement of the mission, my archetypal extremity was to retrieve my horse. I rapidly announcement that there’s a location connected the farm, which I could interruption into if I truthful dared. To bash so, I could termination the proprietor and find retired oregon hold for nighttime and sneak successful done the window.

In a infinitesimal that hooked maine into the game, I realized that I had turned a large brag into a elemental paycheck.

At this point, traveling crossed the West is astatine its astir exciting. Only a country of the game’s sizable representation is disposable — though it’s not similar you’ll really spot each inch of it. Weird West takes the aforesaid attack to question arsenic the archetypal Fallout, wherever each determination is its ain portion that players person to question betwixt connected the map. Similarly, clip passes arsenic players question from municipality to abandoned excavation and backmost to town. An escapade mightiness consciousness similar it took 20 minutes, but for the character, it’s been a week.

The transition of clip is conscionable 1 of the galore variables Weird West keeps way of. Every determination — including whether oregon not players prosecute immoderate optional objectives — feeds into the improvement of the game’s satellite and its ending. At the extremity of the archetypal character’s act, for instance, I could either instantly prevention my hubby oregon pursuit aft the brag of the pack that kidnapped him. I opted for the former, and erstwhile I started my escapade arsenic the game’s 2nd character, recovered a paper that said the pack brag was inactive live and that his radical was inactive kidnapping radical crossed the west. I ended up taking his poster disconnected a bounty committee with different antithetic character, conscionable due to the fact that I needed the cash. In a infinitesimal that hooked maine into the game, I realized that I had turned a large brag into a elemental paycheck.

Choices and consequences successful Weird West overlap each character, making the crippled conscionable astir arsenic immersive sim arsenic it gets. Killing a quality oregon leaving them live changes main quests, redeeming radical oregon leaving them to dice changes locations. Whatever you bash successful the satellite will, successful immoderate way, beryllium shown to you — and not successful the aforesaid mode that Skyrim did, wherever you’d termination a world-destroying dragon and beryllium called a nobody. Choices successful Weird West pb to my favourite benignant of consequences: Visible ones. There’s magic successful seeing a satellite alteration due to the fact that of your actions, and Weird West has that successful spades.

Two characters talking to each   different   successful  Weird West.

I lone privation that each 5 of the stories told successful Weird West were fixed the aforesaid magnitude of energy. The bounty hunter’s communicative (the archetypal successful the game) is 1 of the astir exciting, and the 2nd is 1 of the astir interesting. Unlike the remainder though, the game’s past communicative doesn’t analyse the quality that players capable the shoes of astatine all. Instead, they’re a blank slate, and their communicative simply points towards the extremity of the game. It’s a disappointing finale erstwhile the remainder of the game’s formed is truthful colorful.

Whack West

From the get-go, Weird West‘s satellite and communicative are innately intriguing. It opens connected a robed idiosyncratic strapped down to a seat earlier a unusual people burns onto the screen. Immediately after, you’re thrown into your escapade arsenic the bounty hunter. It has mysteries and communicative beats that necktie unneurotic seamlessly.

Between those beats is the remainder of the game, which, portion stable, is conscionable southbound of afloat functional. I ne'er had immoderate issues with the crippled crashing oregon maintaining a unchangeable framerate, but NPCs behaving the close mode was an wholly antithetic story. Sometimes my followers would extremity up connected adjacent rooftops whenever I was walking done a town, oregon erstwhile successful a cave, they’d locomotion supra the ceiling, clipping retired of bounds.

Fighting enemies is hard capable due to the fact that of the game’s camera, which can’t beryllium moved portion aiming a weapon. 

While those gaffes ne'er truly took distant from the game, NPCs acting arsenic if they’d conscionable been kicked successful the caput by a equine didn’t assistance successful combat. Fighting enemies is hard capable due to the fact that of the game’s camera, which can’t beryllium moved portion aiming a weapon. When allies are mindlessly crouching down screen and refusing to shoot, things get a spot much frustrating.

Characters combat  successful  an underground temple successful  Weird West.

Blazing saddles

Combat successful Weird West isn’t each bad, though, presenting plentifulness of options successful astir situations. Each of the game’s 5 weapons has unlockable peculiar abilities. An upgrade for rifles, for example, silences their adjacent changeable and makes it woody other harm to unaware enemies. This attack, paired with a bow and arrow and the quality to sound enemies unconscious, makes stealth perfectly viable passim astir of the game.

Weird West isn’t conscionable a sandbox, it’s your sandbox. 

I didn’t extremity up utilizing it each that often, though, alternatively opting to footwear astir doors unfastened and spell successful guns blazing. Weird West has plentifulness of violative upgrades too, immoderate that marque shotgun blasts woody explosive harm oregon crook revolver shots into bursts of lightning. These 2 effects, on with immoderate others successful the game, enactment successful tandem with the game’s biology effects too. Shooting a bandit that’s been sitting retired successful the rainfall with a lightning circular deals other damage, and blowing up an force covered successful lipid yields explosive results. Between biology opportunities and skills, immoderate of which persist betwixt characters portion others don’t, combat isn’t conscionable unsocial to each brushwood but to each character.

Of course, you tin besides support things the aforesaid if you’d like. Since the escapade picks up with the adjacent quality wherever it near disconnected with the past one, you tin adjacent enlistee your erstwhile characters to beryllium followers. That gives you entree to your erstwhile gear, which you tin reclaim for your caller character. Weird West‘s 4th quality starts disconnected with a bow and arrow, which I rapidly swapped retired for a agelong firearm by uncovering 1 of my erstwhile characters and borrowing it from them.

A acheronian  ritual taking spot  successful  the crippled  Weird West.

The mode you attack everything successful Weird West is wholly up to you. You tin clasp each character’s peculiar abilities oregon simply tally to your past character, get each your stuff, upgrade your weapons, and blast enemies distant — oregon main communicative characters away. You tin adjacent disconnected your past characters if you truly didn’t similar them. I didn’t bash that myself due to the fact that it’s a spot excessively disconnected the beaten way for me, but the enactment was there. Weird West isn’t conscionable a sandbox, it’s your sandbox.

Our take

There aren’t galore games retired determination similar Weird West. It’s an immersive sim that drives itself guardant with an intrigue-filled communicative that doesn’t fto go. Even the mode that communicative is told, from quality to quality successful a perpetually evolving world, is simply a rarity nowadays. That facet is done amended present than successful astir different games. While it slows down arsenic it eases into its last enactment and its NPCs permission rather a spot to beryllium desired, Weird West is for the RPG fans who truly emotion their role-playing.

Is determination a amended alternative?

If you’re looking for a amended occidental RPG than Weird West, your lone enactment is 2016’s Red Dead Redemption 2. But if open-ended gameplay is what sounds interesting, the Dishonored bid has been dishing that retired for rather a while.

How agelong volition it last?

While I was told a tally done of Weird West would instrumentality astatine slightest 20 hours, I managed to bushed the crippled successful conscionable 15. If you’re trying to implicit each of the game’s broadside quests and optional objectives, I spot however it could agelong up to 20, though.

Should you bargain it?

Yes. Weird West surely isn’t the champion immersive sim retired there, but the things it does right, it does amended than astir of its peers. If this crippled tin creaseless retired its edges, it’ll beryllium adjacent easier to recommend.

Weird West was reviewed connected PC.

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