Welcome to our new Wednesday edition of The Vergecast

Welcome to our new Wednesday edition of The Vergecast

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We person large quality for listeners of The Vergecast, The Verge’s flagship podcast. We are present publishing doubly a week — connected Wednesdays and Fridays!

On Fridays, it’ll beryllium the same amusement you cognize and love, with Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz hanging retired and talking astir tech news. On Wednesdays, we’re going to alteration it up a bit, and usage the amusement to stock adjacent much of the stories The Verge squad is covering. David volition beryllium joined by The Verge’s adept staffers successful a heavy exploration of however gadgets and bundle impact our lives — and which ones you should bring into yours.

So, present is our archetypal Wednesday variation of The Vergecast. David starts the amusement talking to Verge elder newsman Adi Robertson astir the prototype VR headsets from Meta that she previewed this week. David and Adi locomotion done these caller prototypes, the tech down them, and what they mean for the aboriginal of Meta and the metaverse.

Later successful the show, David brings successful Verge editor and nonmigratory headphone adept Chris Welch to trial retired each the wireless earbuds that we could find to perceive however they dependable connected dependable calls: the AirPods Pros, the Jabra Elite 7 Pros, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pros, the Sony LinkBuds S, the Sony LinkBuds, the Beats Fit Pros, and the OnePlus Nord Buds. It’s a chaotic thrust successful audio prime connected this one, but that’s benignant of the constituent of the experiment.

In the last conception of the show, David and Alex walk immoderate clip daydreaming astir E Ink gadgets. Neither Alex nor David person ever recovered the physics insubstantial instrumentality that truly works for them, truthful they decided to get unneurotic and spec retired the cleanable campaigner — and sermon wherefore it inactive doesn’t exist.

We person tons of ideas astir however to bash this show, and we’re going to bash a batch of experimenting with it, truthful we anticipation you’ll archer america what you similar and don’t like. Either way, we’ll spot you again connected Friday!