What games can you play on OneXplayer Mini?

What games can you play on OneXplayer Mini?

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Jon Bitner

By October 8, 2022 8:00AM

The OneXplayer Mini is simply a almighty handheld gaming PC that tin tally galore of today’s hottest games. Whether you privation to play immoderate Grand Theft Auto V portion distant from location oregon conscionable privation to unbend with Stardew Valley, there’s an unthinkable database of titles that are supported by the handheld. If you’re funny to cognize precisely what the OneXplayer Mini tin tally earlier picking 1 up, here’s a look astatine its database of supported games.

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OneXplayer Mini specs

Art of Rally runs connected  a Onexplayer Mini.

Much similar the Steam Deck and different handheld PCs, the OneXplayer comes successful a assortment of flavors with antithetic interior specs. The OneXplayer Mini powered by an Intel Core i7 is 1 of the astir fashionable models connected sale, and its spec database should springiness you a bully thought arsenic to what games volition tally connected the handheld.

  • Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake i7-1260P
  • Intel iRIS Xe
  • 16GB LPDDR5
  • 7-inch IPS screen
  • 1280×800 resolution

Most different models transportation the aforesaid specs arsenic above, though they commercialized retired the Intel processor for an AMD Ryzen 5800U. The 2 are pretty evenly matched erstwhile it comes to performance, truthful it’s improbable that determination volition beryllium overmuch variability betwixt the 2 handhelds.

What games tin the OneXplayer Mini run?

Since the OneXplayer Mini is fundamentally a Windows 11 PC, it tin tally astir games without immoderate issues. However, not each titles are supported by the handheld format. Warframe, for example, runs into issues erstwhile trying to navigate menus, making it unplayable.

However, ONE-NETBOOK shared an extended database of games that are confirmed to tally connected OneXplayer. This mightiness alteration somewhat depending connected your mentation of the OneXplayer Mini, but it’s a large spot to start. This includes Genshin Impact, Devil May Cry 5, Control, Borderlands 3, and different high-profile titles. Here’s a look astatine the (very long) list.

A database  of each  playable games connected  the OneXplayer.

OneXplayer doesn’t person a cardinal gaming hub

Unlike immoderate handheld PCs, the OneXplayer Mini doesn’t connection a cardinal gaming hub oregon UI overlay. Instead, you’re fixed nonstop entree to Windows 11. This is some a blessing and a curse. Since there’s nary cardinal storefront oregon programming to archer you a crippled is supported, you’ll simply person to download it and anticipation it works connected your device.

On the different hand, you person a almighty Windows 11 instrumentality that tin acceptable successful your thenar — 1 that offers awesome versatility and works with much than conscionable games. Surfing the web, sending emails, oregon streaming videos are each imaginable connected the OneXplayer Mini. And with the supra list, you should beryllium capable to find a crippled that runs smoothly connected your handheld.

If a crippled you’re funny successful isn’t listed above, the official OneXplayer forums are a large root of community-driven info, arsenic is the OneXplayer subreddit. Both person reasonably progressive communities and should beryllium capable to assistance with immoderate questions regarding in-game show for a circumstantial title.

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