What’s next for Star Wars after Obi-Wan Kenobi?

What’s next for Star Wars after Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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With Disney+’s long-anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series wrapping — unless it’s decided that it volition nary longer beryllium “limited” — it’s nary concealed that Lucasfilm has plentifulness successful store down the road. Especially truthful aft the caller Star Wars Celebration successful Anaheim revealed a batch of news for the likes of Andor and the upcoming Jude Law-led series.

But putting speech what’s already acceptable successful question down the studio’s closed doors, Lucasfilm should look to wherever other the franchise should grow thematically. Star Wars is 1 of the highest-grossing media IPs successful the world, but throwing much kinds of stories into the premix alongside fan-favorite bequest characters volition beryllium the cardinal to ensuring the franchise’s longevity, renewed creativity, and quality to debar fatigue.

Leaning harder into the post-Empire years

Split representation  of Din Djarin successful  his Mandalorian armor and Ahsoka wielding her lightsabers.

Admittedly enough, a solo Obi-Wan Kenobi task has arguably been the astir in-demand Star Wars task for years speech from a trilogy going beyond Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, and understandably so. While two-thirds of the prequel trilogy was rocky astatine the champion of times, it tin beryllium argued that Episode III – Revenge of the Sith stuck the landing by embracing the galactic opera ambiance that jumpstarted the archetypal movies, and that’s acknowledgment successful ample portion to Ewan McGregor’s timeless portrayal arsenic the titular Jedi Master.

However, the Obi-Wan Kenobi series inactive represents — to a grade — a dormant equine that Lucasfilm keeps beating. Filling successful the gaps betwixt Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope is 1 of the astir bushed tropes of the Star Wars franchise, and portion there’s justifiably plentifulness of canonical clip to capable successful the 30-odd years separating the 2 movies, you person to wonderment erstwhile these stories volition go much ambitious.

The franchise is acceptable a agelong clip agone successful a postulation far, acold distant aft all, but contempt the monolithic scope that conveniently vague mounting provides, we’ve seen amazingly small of it each things considered. While the Sequel Trilogy panned retired little than ideal, if thing else, they astatine slightest provided a caller epoch to capsicum with in-between stories similar what The Mandalorian has accomplished truthful acold and what Ahsoka will look to grow upon.

Andor looks similar a tantalizing spy-thriller rotation connected the Star Wars formula, which could precise good beryllium to beryllium arsenic refreshing arsenic the space-western themes of Mandalorian. But with different 30 years separating Return of the Jedi and the commencement of The Force Awakens, there’s inactive much than capable that tin beryllium done adjacent extracurricular of the mini cinematic beingness that Pedro Pascal’s slick bounty huntsman is spearheading.

Between the regions of the Outer Rim and the vastness of the Unknown Regions, there’s virtually limitless imaginable erstwhile it comes to telling stories of planets and radical piecing their lives backmost unneurotic aft the autumn of the Empire. Bring successful caller protagonists, antiheroes, and villains making powerfulness plays to effort and capable the void near by Emperor Palpatine that aren’t conscionable Imperial skeleton crews, oregon immoderate operation of those things.

Embracing the Dark Side of the Force

Split representation  of Darth Vader and Palpatine with his mentor Plagueis down  him.

The infamous Sith Order has agelong since served arsenic the villainous parallel to the Jedi Order, but fans haven’t seen overmuch of them on-screen. Of course, their inherently ominous and mysterious quality — astatine slightest extracurricular of Legends continuity — is portion of the allure down these practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force, but Lucasfilm could apt spend to unveil much of them than they person truthful far.

Maybe it’s Disney’s staunch adherence to maintaining a “family-friendly” image, but Obi-Wan Kenobi gave fans a sensation of however compelling a villain-focused Star Wars bid could be. A Darth Vader solo bid oregon movie would inactive beryllium continuing the post-III, pre-IV franchise trope, but it could surely marketplace itself and find a mode to amusement on-screen a caller constituent of presumption retired of a well-worn timeline.

However, it doesn’t needfully request to beryllium Darth Vader. It’s inactive speculation for now, but fixed the vague premise of Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte, fans mightiness get to spot a newfound absorption connected the Dark Side. While it’s tenable to debar glorifying the unit and the warped beliefs of villains similar Vader, Maul, Palpatine, etc., villains inactive marque for thrilling stories truthful agelong arsenic the incorrect connection doesn’t get across.

The past of the Sith is astatine slightest arsenic heavy arsenic that of the Jedi. So each it takes is for the leash to beryllium loosened conscionable capable and for Lucasfilm to clasp the Dark Side conscionable a spot to archer a refreshingly bold communicative from an absorbing angle.

Standalone stories and bringing backmost the anthology format

Split representation  of Rogue One and Solo promo posters.

When Star Wars and Lucasfilm were transitioned implicit to Disney’s ownership, the astir breathtaking happening (aside from a sequel trilogy) was the studio’s plans to instrumentality to the IP theatrically with a bang by weaving anthology-style A Star Wars Story movies successful betwixt the Skywalker Saga. It was a large program connected insubstantial and Rogue One proved to beryllium large connected its ain merits, but Solo‘s fiscal weaponry indispensable person instilled immoderate benignant of fearfulness successful Lucasfilm.

Even though it was unspectacular, Solo was a coagulated sci-fi heist romp with its ain potential, but immoderate fans are disquieted that the workplace is learning the incorrect lessons from the movie’s commercialized disappointment.

Hopefully, the drawstring of Star Wars movies successful assorted stages of improvement volition astatine slightest spiritually bring backmost the A Star Wars Story format due to the fact that standalone stories and anthology-style one-offs are a clever mode to get weirder with the Star Wars brand. Whether a movie tells a communicative that justifies sequels oregon works perfectly arsenic a one-and-done endeavor, this could beryllium an fantabulous mode to research aggregate unsocial pockets of Star Wars’ endless galaxy.

And for an IP that makes its planetary fame connected the instauration of abstraction wizards warring each different with laser swords and telekinetic powers, there’s nary crushed for Star Wars to debar getting immoderate weirder implicit 45 years later.

All six episodes of Lucasfilm’s Obi-Wan Kenobi are disposable to watercourse present connected Disney+. To find much contented to ticker connected the app, delight look astatine our what’s caller connected Disney+ list.

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