What to expect from Samsung’s Awesome Galaxy A event

What to expect from Samsung’s Awesome Galaxy A event

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Samsung has announced an upcoming virtual lawsuit wherever it plans to amusement disconnected caller Samsung Galaxy A-Series phones. Unlike the S-Series models with their Unpacked events, these devices aren’t the flashiest phones with the fastest chips and the champion cameras, they are nevertheless the phones that the remainder of the satellite volition bargain and usage en-masse. In the apical 10 smartphones sold successful 2021 courtesy of Counterpoint Research, lone 1 Samsung telephone recovered its mode there, and that’s the inexpensive and cheerful Galaxy A12.

Samsung apt isn’t announcing phones that cheap, however. It’s expected to debut a caller Galaxy A53 and A73 connected Thursday if rumors are to beryllium believed.

How to ticker Samsung’s Awesome Galaxy A eventGraphical invitation for Samsung's virtual lawsuit   connected  March 17, 2022.

Samsung’s A-Series lawsuit volition beryllium streamed unrecorded connected YouTube connected Thursday, March 17, astatine 10 a.m. ET. That’s 7 a.m. PT and 9 a.m. CT. You tin besides drawback it connected Samsung’s website if you’d prefer.

Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G leaked renders successful  achromatic  color. The Samsung Galaxy A53 is near-identical to the Galaxy A52 successful presumption of design. Onleaks

In the A-Series, Samsung’s Galaxy A5x has been its goldilocks model. It’s inexpensive capable to not wounded the wallet but bully capable that it tin commercialized blows with thing similar the Pixel 5a oregon iPhone SE if an statement is being made for value. The A53 would beryllium a follow-up telephone from the A52 and A52s from past year. It’s besides said to look a batch like the pair, adjacent arsenic it ditches the headphone jack. Expect the aforesaid Infinity-O show with a accelerated refresh complaint connected the beforehand and a rear quadrate quad-camera layout, if true.

Internally, it’s expected to transportation a Qualcomm chip for the U.S. market, with an Exynos 1200 spot for planetary models. Samsung is besides expected to boost the RAM up to 8GB from the 6GB that was modular past year. Unlike the A52 which had a abstracted 5G model, each versions of the A53 are expected to travel with 5G arsenic the exertion becomes acold much ubiquitous crossed the world.

Samsung Galaxy A73

Galaxy A72 ColorsSamsung’s Galaxy A72 saw a constricted motorboat successful 2021.

Samsung is besides reportedly debuting a caller Galaxy A73, the telephone successful the Galaxy A-series that’s a measurement up from the A5x series. Samsung’s A72 wasn’t fixed arsenic overmuch absorption arsenic the A52 past year, truthful it’ll beryllium absorbing to spot if the institution makes a alteration this week.

The A73 is expected to motorboat with a 6.7-inch FullHD 120Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 750G oregon 778, and a quad-camera acceptable up with a 108-megapixel main camera, and 12MP, 8MP, and 2MP secondary cameras for ultra-wide, telephoto, and representation imaging scenarios.

As we noted, the Samsung Galaxy A72 was shortchanged past year, with lone a azygous 4G exemplary launching successful a constricted fig of markets — nary of them being the U.S. In contrast, the A52 had some a 4G exemplary and a 5G model. Samsung would aboriginal travel it up with a revamped A52s successful the summer.

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