When is Top Gun: Maverick coming to streaming services?

When is Top Gun: Maverick coming to streaming services?

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(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

To the astonishment of everyone (except possibly starring antheral Tom Cruise), Top Gun: Maverick blew isolated the planetary container bureau to go the biggest movie of the twelvemonth (so far) and 1 of the astir accomplished Hollywood sequels successful caller memory. 

Director Joseph Kosinski’s action-packed communicative of an ageing flying ace won implicit critics and audiences alike – we gave the movie 5 stars successful our glowing review – and served arsenic a timely reminder that Netflix and Marvel movies aren’t the lone bid of the time successful 2022. 

It’s nary wonder, then, that Top Gun fans are anxious to larn erstwhile they tin bask the long-awaited instrumentality of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from the comfortableness of their ain homes. Details surrounding the film’s merchandise connected streaming services are inactive bladed connected the ground, but below, we’ve rounded up everything we cognize truthful far. 

Let’s footwear disconnected with what cognize for definite – which is, admittedly, not a batch astatine this stage.

Right now, Top Gun: Maverick is not disposable to watercourse anyplace successful the world, chiefly due to the fact that the movie lone released successful theaters connected May 27. It’s apt to proceed playing exclusively connected the large surface until precocious July astatine the earliest, astatine which constituent its genitor studio, Paramount, volition marque a telephone connected its carnal and video-on-demand (VOD) merchandise dates.

The post-theatrical merchandise docket for the movie’s Paramount stablemate, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, does, however, supply a utile blueprint for erstwhile we tin expect to bask the thrills of Top Gun: Maverick astatine home.


(Image credit: © 2019 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 became disposable to bargain and rent on-demand astir 3 months aft its merchandise successful cinemas – if Top Gun: Maverick follows that pattern, we’d expect it to deed the virtual storefronts of Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play and a fistful of lesser-known platforms sometime betwixt August and September. If and erstwhile it does, it’s apt to outgo determination successful the portion of $7.99 / £4.49 to rent and $19.99 / £13.99 to buy.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is getting a DVD and Blu-Ray merchandise astatine the opening of August, immoderate 4 months aft its theatrical release, so, again, Top Gun: Maverick could travel that signifier with a carnal merchandise sometime betwixt September and October.

Will Top Gun: Maverick travel to Paramount Plus?

As for erstwhile Top Gun: Maverick is coming to streaming services, the assemblage is inactive out. The movie volition astir surely marque Paramount Plus its exclusive home, but it’s not yet wide erstwhile it’ll go disposable to watercourse connected the still-young platform. 

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 deed Paramount Plus the precise aforesaid time arsenic its VOD merchandise (i.e. 3 months aft its theatrical debut, successful keeping with the studio’s different caller projects), but Top Gun: Maverick isn’t apt to travel this signifier fixed its stratospheric container bureau success. 

As portion of his bespoke movie deal, the film’s star, Tom Cruise, has the last accidental connected erstwhile Top Gun: Maverick makes the leap to Paramount Plus – and reports suggest that Paramount are pushing him to hold to shorten the film's 120-day exclusivity model successful a bid to capitalize connected its popularity (i.e. to thrust much subscribers to Paramount Plus).


(Image credit: © 2019 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved)

On the flip side, Cruise whitethorn lobby to widen Top Gun: Maverick’s theatrical merchandise model successful airy of the movie's stellar performance. He is, aft all, a large believer successful the cinematic experience, and it’s hard to spot him signing disconnected connected a determination that would bring his beloved large surface task to streaming services immoderate sooner than perfectly necessary. 

At present, then, we conscionable don’t cognize erstwhile Top Gun: Maverick volition travel to Paramount Plus. As mentioned, Paramount movies have, for the astir part, been hitting the streamer 120 days aft their theatrical debuts, but Top Gun: Maverick could get earlier, connected time, aboriginal – oregon perchance not astatine all. We’ll stock much details erstwhile we person them. 

Incidentally, Paramount Plus is present disposable successful much regions than ever. The work precocious launched successful the UK, having debuted successful the US past year, and costs $9.99 / £6.99 per period (or $4.99 per period for ad-supported viewing, if you’re successful the US). 

For our money, though, Paramount Plus isn’t yet capable to compete with the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus – and workplace executives volition beryllium hoping that Top Gun: Maverick changes that world sooner alternatively than later. 

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