Where to find every map fragment in Elden Ring

Where to find every map fragment in Elden Ring

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The specified conception of a representation successful a Souls crippled was a comical phantasy anterior to Elden Ring. In those much linear — yet sprawling and intricately designed — games, a representation would not lone trivialize astir of the consciousness of wonderment and exploration but besides chopped retired the satisfying moments of opening up a shortcut starring backmost to a acquainted spot you ne'er expected. Because of the scope of the satellite successful Elden Ring, it would beryllium cruel to marque radical effort to navigate this incredibly immense satellite without immoderate signifier of guide. So, for the archetypal clip successful a Souls game, FromSoftware has fixed players entree to a representation — though it comes successful an incomplete form.

To afloat utilize your map, you volition request to find fragments that capable successful the details of circumstantial areas connected the map. Otherwise, you lone get a vague outline of the country you’re in. Even with the fragments, it’s inactive up to you to spell retired and research the country to adhd successful important points of interest, but having a bully laic of the onshore tin marque uncovering these places overmuch easier, particularly if you’re seeking each the optional dungeons oregon trying to hunt down definite items. There are 19 representation fragments successful full to afloat uncover the immense satellite representation of The Lands Between, and we’ve charted your people to uncovering them each successful Elden Ring.

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All Limgrave representation fragment locations

A surface  showing a Limgrave country  of the representation  has been added successful  Elden Ring.

Where amended to commencement than the starting portion of Limgrave. You volition astir surely stumble upon this representation fragment conscionable pursuing the captious path, but if not, you tin find the Limgrage, West fragment successful the Gatefront Ruins. It is close successful the halfway of the campy of soldiers, truthful either sneak oregon slash your mode to it.

Limgrave, East is disconnected successful Mistwood. There isn’t a peculiarly adjacent Site of Grace, but if you travel the main roadworthy northbound from Fort Haight West, you volition thrust close up to it arsenic you’re passing the insignificant Erdtree connected your map. It’s precise adjacent to the Siofra River Well if you’ve discovered that area.

All Weeping Peninsula representation fragment locations

A samurai subordinate    quality  riding a equine  done  a tract  successful  Elden Ring.

There’s lone 1 representation fragment for this full zone, and it’s rather casual to get to erstwhile you marque it crossed the bridge. Just travel the roadworthy you participate connected consecutive south, oregon prime it up from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, and it volition beryllium connected the westbound broadside of the roadworthy earlier the monolithic clearing starring up to Castle Morne itself. Just beryllium cautious if you haven’t gone this acold before, due to the fact that there’s a elephantine archer acceptable to snipe you erstwhile you measurement successful range.

All Caelid representation fragment locations

A representation  of Caelid successful  Elden Ring.

Moving eastbound from Limgrave, Caelid has 2 much maps to collect. We’ll commencement with the Caelid representation first, which uncovers the confederate conception of the region. The champion mode to scope it is to equine up connected Torrent and commencement riding down the main roadworthy southbound from the Smoldering Wall, past a mates of Sites of Grace, close until the roadworthy forks. The representation volition beryllium close astatine the fork, but beryllium speedy astir snagging it oregon immoderate elephantine vertebrate enemies volition travel down to ruin your day.

On the adjacent other broadside of the portion is the different representation fragment: Dragonbarrow. If the sanction didn’t spell it retired for you, this country is rather perilous acknowledgment to a clump of dragons surviving there. Reaching this country isn’t excessively convenient. If you’ve teleported and recovered the Bestial Sanctum, you tin thrust down, transverse the bridge, and question past the Erdtree and westbound close up to the representation fragment. If not, you volition request to walk done Sellia, Town of Sorcery, chopped crossed to the road, and drawback the representation consecutive northbound of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

All Liurnia representation fragment locations

A representation  of Liurnia successful  Elden Ring.

After getting through, oregon around, Stormveil, you tin commencement exploring Liurnia. The Liurnia, East representation is close successful the opening conception of the flooded region, owed northbound of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. There volition beryllium a fewer mobs around, but thing excessively dangerous.

Liurnia, North is the adjacent successful enactment arsenic you navigate the swampy zone. Following the Sites of Grace northwest, chopped northbound erstwhile you deed the Boilprawn Shack toward the Academy Gate Town. The representation fragment is successful presumption from this Site of Grace.

The past portion of this representation is rather retired of the way. Liurnia, West is up connected the onshore supra the sunken conception connected the west, meaning you volition person to spell each the mode north, find your mode up retired of the pit, and past thrust backmost down southbound from Caria Manor and Seluvis’s Rise. It volition beryllium conscionable a spot southbound of Kingsrealm Ruins adjacent the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

All Altus Plateau representation fragment locations

A zoomed retired  representation  of The Lands Between successful  Elden Ring.

Assuming you instrumentality the main way into the Altus Plateau via the Grand Lift of Dectus, travel the way up of you and veer northbound erstwhile it splits, grabbing the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace connected your way. Just support going northbound on this way and the representation volition beryllium connected the westbound broadside undefended.

Way implicit connected the westbound broadside of this region, the Mt. Gelmir representation is possibly the trickiest to get. Not lone bash you request to question each the mode implicit to Volcano Manor, which is simply a precise unsafe lava zone, but the representation itself is down a brag brushwood you request to overcome. After dropping into a brag area, which we won’t spoil, you volition beryllium capable to proceed guardant and drawback the representation erstwhile you flooded your foe, but don’t fto your defender down — different force is waiting successful ambush.

Finally, we caput to the metropolis itself for the Leyndell, Royal Capital map. This one, if you’re not acceptable for a monolithic challenge, requires immoderate speedy question connected Torrent to scope unscathed. Instead of going northbound from the Altus Highway Junction similar we did previously, spell farther eastbound and up the monolithic chromatic stairs. Not lone volition determination beryllium a ton of enemies waiting to effort to travel you up but besides 2 Tree Sentinels waiting astatine the doorway astatine the top. Thankfully you tin unreserved past them, but inactive beryllium cautious due to the fact that 1 unlucky deed tin sound you close disconnected your equine and into a atrocious situation. Make it done the doorway and you’re successful the wide erstwhile you interaction the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace conscionable a measurement oregon 2 distant from the representation fragment.

All Mountaintops of the Giants representation fragment locations

The past above-ground portion is the Mountaintops of the Giants, reached via the Grand Lift of Rold. The archetypal map, Mountaintops of the Giants, West, is conscionable a abbreviated travel northbound from the entranceway to the area. It’s conscionable northbound of Zamor Ruins, and close adjacent to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace.

The Consecrated Snowfields representation is, you guessed it, successful the Consecrated Snowfields. If you popular implicit to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, each you request to bash is transverse the stream to the northbound and you volition tally close up to this spot of the map.

The last representation fragment present is the Mountaintops of the Giants, East. You volition request to navigate your mode done the snowy mountains a spot until you tin curve astir westbound by the Shack of the Lofty and implicit to the Albinauric Rise area. We urge staying connected the southbound broadside of the stream until you deed the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace earlier crossing northbound since the representation fragment is astir a consecutive changeable betwixt determination and Ordina, Liturgical Town.

All Siofra River representation fragment locations

A knight subordinate    quality  holds a limb   and shield nether  a starry entity  successful  Elden Ring.

There are 2 representation fragments successful this area, but you request to travel astatine each from a antithetic angle. The first, Siofra River, is the easiest. By heading down from the Limgrave entrance, conscionable caput southbound done the portion until you deed the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Directly up to the east, successful the mediate of a somewhat sunken island, is the representation conscionable earlier the Hallowhorn Grounds.

The different representation fragment, Mohgwyn Palace, tin lone beryllium reached via a peculiar teleporter hidden successful the Consecrated Snowfield oregon by completing a definite NPC’s quest line. While getting determination is difficult, uncovering the representation is simple. All you request to bash is travel the checkpoints until you deed the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace. From here, the representation volition beryllium connected the assemblage adjacent immoderate chromatic ruins.

All Deeproot Depths representation fragment locations

There’s conscionable 1 representation for the Deeproot Depths, and it is close successful the halfway of the area. It is astir triangulated by the Deeproot Depths, Across the Roots, and The Nameless Eternal City Sites of Grace. Just unreserved done the h2o to the cardinal country and prime it up disconnected a corpse connected immoderate stairs.

All Ainsel River representation fragment locations

Entered from Liurnia, this country is astir wholly linear, truthful conscionable instrumentality your clip going done the portion until you deed an country with immoderate ruins and a large monster floating overhead shooting purple projectiles astatine you. Avoid them and unreserved to the gathering straight nether it arsenic accelerated arsenic you tin to drawback this map.

A small deeper in, pursuing the stream moving northbound from the past fragment, find the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace and rotation around. There’s a constrictive stream you tin travel going southwest close to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. The representation is southbound from present connected the enactment of the deadly reddish waters.

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