Why gamers should avoid the Windows 11 2022 update

Why gamers should avoid the Windows 11 2022 update

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Alex Blake

By September 23, 2022 10:29AM

When you update Windows, there’s ever a accidental thing volition hap to propulsion a wrench successful the works. This time, though, it seems similar the Windows 11 22H2 update is causing large issues for gamers equipped with Nvidia graphics cards.

According to galore posts crossed societal media, Reddit, and Microsoft’s ain enactment forums, users are seeing noticeable drops successful show portion playing games aft updating their computers.

A antheral   sits, utilizing a laptop moving  the Windows 11 operating system.Windows 11

For instance, idiosyncratic emay007 posted successful the Windows 11 sub-reddit saying, “I conscionable updated to 22H2 and I americium dealing with highly unstable FPS successful each my games. I person bully specs for gaming and person antecedently ne'er seen immoderate issues (Ryzen 3600, 1070 TI, 16GB RAM). Games are fundamentally unplayable.”

That was echoed by ChoPT, who stated, “I was having superior show hitches, some connected the desktop and particularly successful gaming (this wholly broke Gsync arsenic well). Drops to ~30fps randomly from ~120, successful non-graphically aggravated tests. Screen tearing similar crazy.”

Right now, determination isn’t an contiguous fix. However, respective users person reported that rolling backmost the update fixed the occupation for them. For now, that’s conscionable anecdotal grounds though and mightiness not enactment for everyone.

The occupation doesn’t look to beryllium affecting AMD oregon Intel GPU users, suggesting it mightiness beryllium related to the mode the Windows 11 update interacts with an Nvidia driver. That thought was seemingly backed up by Nvidia’s Software QA Manuel Guzman, who asked Reddit users to capable successful a operator feedback signifier truthful that Nvidia tin research what mightiness beryllium happening. Hopefully, that volition pb to a swift hole being issued. For its part, Microsoft has not yet issued a remedy.

It’s not the archetypal Windows 11 bug that has had a important effect connected performance. We’ve seen AMD users endure akin game-draining problems, Windows 11’s TPM slowing down Ryzen CPUs, and File Explorer bugs that siphon disconnected your memory.

If you’re uncovering your crippled show has suffered a dense setback aft installing the Windows 11 22H2 update, you mightiness privation to rotation backmost to the erstwhile mentation and spot if that helps. Unfortunately, there’s not overmuch other to bash but bent choky and hold for a fix.

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