Why you need an Android smartphone with a thermal and IR camera

Why you need an Android smartphone with a thermal and IR camera

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While there's nary uncertainty that the iPhone is seen by galore arsenic the ultimate smartphone, determination are plentifulness of smartphones retired determination that person features Apple users tin lone imagination of having. Think thermal cameras and IR nighttime vision, and adjacent laser pointers.

Need a smartphone that has each this and more, each built into a ruggedized ammunition susceptible of handling pugnacious situations with ease?

The AGM Glory G1S mightiness beryllium the smartphone you've been waiting for.

AGM Glory G1S

From the front, the AGM Glory G1S looks similar a modular ruggedized handset.


Externally, the Glory G1S is similar a batch of different ruggedized smartphones. A immense slab of a smartphone wrapped successful protective rubber armor, with small flaps covering each the ports to forestall h2o ingress.

The smartphone claims it's rated waterproof and dustproof to IP68/IP69K and driblet tested from 1.5m to conform to MIL-STD-810H.

This is simply a pugnacious handset.

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The show is simply a immense 6.53-inch display, and it comes consecutive retired of the mill with a surface protector applied.   

On the inside, it features an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G CPU with Qualcomm's Adreno 619 GPU. This is backed up by 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of storage, expandable by adding a 512GB microSD card.

This is rather a important smartphone.

It has each the worldly you'd expect an Android smartphone to have, similar Bluetooth and NFC, and a fingerprint sensor.

It's besides loaded with cameras, a front-facing 48-megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel macro camera, and a 16-megapixel front-facing camera.

It's adjacent got a 3.5mm headphone jack -- retrieve those? -- and the earbuds besides enactment arsenic an antenna for the FM radio.

But there's more.

AGM Glory G1S rear camera array

AGM Glory G1S's rear camera array is uniquely polarizing.


Packed into the rear camera array is simply a 256×192 thermal imaging camera with a somesthesia scope of -20°C to 550°C, and a 20-megapixel nighttime imaginativeness IR camera with IR LED illumination.

Yes, this has some a thermal camera and an IR nighttime imaginativeness camera.

Oh, there's besides a laser pointer.

So wherefore mightiness you privation a smartphone that has a built-in thermal camera oregon an IR camera?

Because they are ace useful, not conscionable arsenic a fun-to-play-with gizmo, but besides due to the fact that they're truly utile tools successful the hands of a technician oregon engineer.

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Thermal camera

I got my archetypal thermal camera -- a standalone FLIR unit -- a fewer years agone and I've recovered it to beryllium ace useful. You tin bash truthful overmuch with it.

Here's conscionable a fewer things you tin bash with a thermal camera:

  • Find overheating electrical components (faulty components usually tally hotter)
  • Diagnose each sorts of HVAC problems, from windows that leak vigor to radiators that aren't warming up decently to A\C units that aren't cooling
  • Finding dangerously overheating rechargeable batteries
  • Finding radiator pipes underneath floorboards
  • Find overheating powerfulness cables
  • Find problems with cooling systems connected desktop and laptop systems
  • Spot binding brakes connected cars

My extremity for learning to usage a thermal camera is to usage it to look astatine things erstwhile they aren't faulty -- your radiators, car brakes, electrical stuff, thing -- and that mode you get to cognize however things should look truthful you tin archer erstwhile things aren't moving right.

It's got to the constituent wherever I find the thermal camera truthful utile that I crook to it without reasoning astir it. Just present I wanted to cognize if an electrical appliance was getting power, and alternatively of reaching for a multimeter, I utilized my thermal camera to spot if thing was warming up connected the inside. Once I saw components heating up, that eliminated a load of imaginable problems.

Thermal camera examining a car   engine

Thermal camera examining a car engine

The thermal app is peculiarly  utile  and casual  to use

The thermal app is peculiarly utile and casual to use

Night vision

Night vision

Night vision

But what astir nighttime vision? Surely that's 1 of those niche things? 

You'd beryllium wrong.

The fig of times I've recovered myself successful immoderate country that doesn't person immoderate airy (usually an attic oregon a basement). Or possibly it's nighttime and I don't privation to blast airy astir the spot to look for thing (as a lensman that does a spot of nighttime photography, I find this is thing I bash often).

Another chill instrumentality that you tin usage the nighttime imaginativeness camera for is to cheque if infrared LEDs are working. You find these connected each sorts of devices, from TV distant controls to the IR floodlights built into information cameras. 

And, it's besides a amusive instrumentality for seeing what goes connected aft the prima sets. It's rather astonishing the animals that travel retired erstwhile they deliberation they can't beryllium seen!

This is simply a genuinely useful diagnostic to person packed into a smartphone.

I thought that the laser pointer would beryllium thing I'd ne'er use, but I do. 

For pointing!

I know, evident right? But if you're trying to constituent astatine thing retired of reach, thing hot, oregon thing buried successful a unrecorded electrical appliance, past utilizing the laser pointer is simply a heck of a batch amended than utilizing a finger!

Bottom line

The AGM Glory G1S is not inexpensive -- coming successful astatine $699 -- but for those who tin marque usage of thermal and nighttime imaginativeness cameras, this is simply a coagulated handset that's worthy taking a look at. For much wide sum (and thermal images) of the AGM Glory G1S, cheque retired my workfellow Jack Wallen's full reappraisal here.