Will AMD really launch Ryzen 7000 with no DDR4 support?

Will AMD really launch Ryzen 7000 with no DDR4 support?

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AMD is expected to motorboat DDR5 representation enactment with the merchandise of Ryzen 7000-series processors, but caller rumors suggest that this upgrade volition travel astatine a price.

According to assorted sources, AMD whitethorn merchandise the adjacent procreation of its processors with enactment for lone DDR5 memory, frankincense leaving DDR4 behind. If proven true, this would beryllium a arguable move, fixed the steep pricing of DDR5 RAM.

AMD Ryzen 7000 chip.Wccftech

AMD itself has confirmed that its upcoming Zen 4 CPUs, besides referred to arsenic Ryzen 7000 and Raphael, volition enactment 2 caller technologies: DDR5 representation and PCIe 5.0. This is simply a much-needed update for AMD, seeing arsenic Intel has supported some of these things since the motorboat of Alder Lake processors successful precocious 2021. New Intel CPUs besides proceed to connection enactment for DDR4 representation — it’s each a substance of choosing the close motherboard. Perhaps much importantly, Intel volition proceed to enactment DDR4 with the merchandise of next-gen Raptor Lake processors successful precocious 2022.

In AMD’s case, the institution is yet to marque an authoritative connection connected this, but Tom’s Hardware cites aggregate anonymous sources connected to the AMD proviso concatenation erstwhile it says that respective platforms volition not enactment DDR4 — and it’s not looking bully for the remainder of them either. The work was capable to corroborate that the X670 and B650 AM5 platforms volition beryllium DDR5-exclusive. However, until AMD speaks connected the matter, instrumentality these rumors with skepticism.

This wouldn’t beryllium each that atrocious if not for the accusation that the chip’s representation controllers whitethorn not enactment DDR4 RAM astatine all. If AMD does see DDR4 enactment connected the chip, it’s imaginable that cheaper, lower-tier motherboards volition beryllium launched alongside the spot to fto users take betwixt DDR5 and DDR4. However, if the spot itself doesn’t connection entree to DDR4, past the full AM5 level volition trust lone connected DDR5.

AMD CEO Lisa Su holding a Zen 4 CPU.AMD CEO Lisa Su holds a Zen 4 processor. AMD

Choosing to absorption solely connected DDR5 RAM would beryllium a brave determination for AMD. Although the exertion provides show upgrades, it’s besides overmuch much costly than DDR4 kits. A speedy glimpse astatine our database of the best RAM kits for 2022 tells america that the pricing varies wildly: As an example, you tin get the Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3200 for conscionable $83, but the Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR5-5600 costs upwards of $330. The prices aren’t ever truthful polarizing, and determination are much costly DDR4 kits connected our list, but the quality is decidedly evident — and it’s huge, particularly for budget-conscious customers.

DDR5 RAM is truthful costly close present mostly owed to proviso shortages, and this is simply a occupation that stretches toward galore different markets. The prices for DDR5 volition apt proceed dropping, but volition it beryllium affordable by the clip Zen 4 processors are released successful conscionable a fewer months? That seems unlikely.

On the different hand, focusing connected DDR5 ensures future-proofing. Right now, a DDR5 versus DDR4 matchup whitethorn not look worthy it erstwhile you origin successful the pricing, but the exertion volition support developing, and volition 1 time beryllium the caller standard. As AMD’s erstwhile AM4 level lasted from 2017 until now, it’s imaginable that the institution is gearing up for different 5 years, successful which lawsuit it would marque small consciousness to absorption connected DDR4.

It’s hard to archer whether AMD volition truly wholly forgo including DDR4 RAM successful Ryzen 7000 processors. A mates of years from now, this would beryllium an acceptable choice, but with the pricing of DDR5 RAM arsenic precocious arsenic it inactive is close now, AMD would beryllium excluding a full batch of imaginable customers by focusing solely connected DDR5 representation successful its upcoming AM5 platform.

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