Windows 11 continues to struggle to attract new users

Windows 11 continues to struggle to attract new users

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Windows 11 moving  connected  a laptop
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Windows 11 is inactive hampered by a lackluster gait of adoption, looking astatine the latest figures gauging the marketplace stock of Microsoft’s desktop operating system.

The study connected Windows versions and their respective marketplace stock compiled by AdDuplex (opens successful caller tab) for June 2022 shows that Windows 11 is present connected 23.1% of the PCs included successful the firm’s figures. (Those are Windows machines moving Microsoft Store apps that show AdDuplex’s advertisements).

As AdDuplex points out, successful the past 2 months, lone an other 3.4% of Windows PCs person upgraded to Windows 11, which represents a somewhat sluggish wide complaint for migration to the newest OS.

Windows 10 versions correspond the lion’s stock of the market, of course, with the astir fashionable mentation being Windows 10 21H2 connected 38.2%, and the 21H1 diagnostic update successful second-place down that connected 23.9%.

Analysis: Painfully dilatory advancement implicit astir of 2022

While a 3.4% summation implicit 2 months is not thing to outcry about, it is astatine slightest amended than the two-month play erstwhile to that, wherever Windows 11 lone enactment connected a feeble 0.6% successful presumption of marketplace share.

Windows 11 did witnesser a 3.2% surge backmost successful February, mind, which capped disconnected a reasonably chunky adoption spike wherever the OS doubled its stock astatine the adjacent of 2021. But since then, everything has fallen precise level going by AdDuplex’s stats.

We should ne'er work excessively overmuch into conscionable 1 acceptable of figures – they supply a snapshot of conscionable a azygous facet of the popularity of Windows 11 – but the stats bash look to broadly bespeak that determination was an aboriginal adoption spike of keenly funny and much funny computing types, but since then, things person truly slowed down.

With inactive a bully woody of roadworthy to spell earlier Microsoft brings down the curtain connected Windows 10 enactment (later successful 2025), we can’t ideate the gait of Windows 11 adoption is apt to velocity up immoderate clip soon, though caller desktops and laptops shipping with the newer OS pre-installed volition gradually assistance adoption.

That said, determination are immoderate cardinal technologies that could yet spark wider adoption, and 1 that rapidly springs to caput is DirectStorage connected the gaming front, which is acceptable to beryllium a large boost for Windows 11. And not conscionable for SSD loading times, but for smoother unfastened satellite games (loading assets much rapidly on-the-fly), the caveat being that games request to enactment it, and nary bash yet. (Although the archetypal rubric with DirectStorage, Forspoken, is owed to get connected the PC aboriginal this year).

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