Windows 11 gamers will be glad to see the back of this nasty BSoD bug

Windows 11 gamers will be glad to see the back of this nasty BSoD bug

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Microsoft is dilatory making advancement fixing Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) errors, with different 1 that could person caused gamers to endure having been cured successful Windows 11.

This hole arrives with the latest preview update for March (KB5011563), meaning it’s inactive successful testing, but the changes volition travel done successful April’s merchandise mentation of the spot (assuming each goes good with that testing, of course).

As spotted by Hot Hardware, the spot notes authorities that KB5011563 “addresses a halt mistake (0xD1, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) successful the DirectX kernel component.”

A halt mistake is simply a BSoD, meaning it wholly halts the PC successful its tracks, and is simply a clang that requires a reboot to recover. As the connection states, the occupation pertains to DirectX – and immoderate benignant of operator issue, though it’s expectedly vague arsenic to what mightiness person really gone incorrect – and hence this could beryllium an mistake that crops up erstwhile you’re playing games successful Windows 11 (or trying to).

Patch KB5011563 fixes a clump of different bugs, arsenic good arsenic adding thing into the premix for Windows 11, namely the quality to show aggregate high-priority toast notifications simultaneously – up to 3 of them, successful fact.

Analysis: Windows bugs tin inactive trigger the blues

Thankfully successful modern times, Windows sees a batch less BSoD errors, but determination are clearly immoderate inactive floating around – we witnessed a BSoD bring 1 of our PCs to a crashing halt arsenic precocious arsenic past period (albeit that was Windows 10).

Another BSoD being squashed is evidently bully news, though arsenic noted, Windows 11 users won’t really get this hole until adjacent month, arsenic portion of the monthly cumulative update for April. That said, KB5011563 is disposable to drawback close present arsenic an optional update if you hunt for it manually (in Windows Update), but arsenic with thing that’s successful testing, installing it could person unwanted side-effects.

You whitethorn callback that Microsoft was going to alteration the colour of these clang screens from bluish to achromatic past year, but decided against that determination aboriginal successful 2021, truthful BSoDs volition stay bluish going forward. But with immoderate luck, they’ll slice much and much into the inheritance arsenic Microsoft fixes errors similar this one.

Via PC Gamer

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