Windows 11 is filling your hard drive with unwanted apps – so why not switch to Linux?

Windows 11 is filling your hard drive with unwanted apps – so why not switch to Linux?

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Windows 11 comes with a big of default apps that are pre-installed, and a caller study suggests they instrumentality up a important magnitude of hard thrust space.

Microsoft has been coy astir however overmuch abstraction these apps instrumentality up, and until now, figuring it retired has been hard arsenic they are are installed crossed assorted locations. However, as the Out of Office Hours website reports, there’s a PowerShell publication that tin springiness america a bully thought of conscionable however overmuch retention abstraction these apps really use, and the quality isn’t great.

According to Out of Office Hours, the preinstalled apps instrumentality up astir 1.6GB of retention space. That’s rather a bit, particularly if you person a smaller hard thrust of astir 128GB oregon so, and if you seldom – oregon ne'er – usage those apps, you whitethorn beryllium alternatively annoyed to spot that abstraction going to waste.

Even worse, galore of these apps can’t beryllium easy uninstalled, which means you’re near with them clogging up your hard drive.

Analysis: Whose PC is it anyway?

While it whitethorn look a spot churlish to kick astir 1.6GB – particularly erstwhile hard drives often connection capacities implicit 1TB – it’s not an insubstantial magnitude of space, and the information that Microsoft makes it hard to uninstall these apps highlights an contented galore radical person been progressively having with Windows operating systems.

If you bargain – oregon physique – a PC, you’d expect to ain it, and person afloat power implicit what’s installed and what apps you’re going to use. However, if you instal Windows 10 oregon Windows 11, you look to beryllium giving up immoderate of that control, with Microsoft dictating what you tin and can’t instal oregon region connected your PC.

One evident alternate to this is to usage an open-source operating system, specified arsenic Linux, which gives you overmuch greater power implicit your PC. While there’s a learning curve to switching to Linux, determination are user-friendly distros that tin help, and arsenic we’ve seen with the Steam Deck and Steam OS, you don't person to instrumentality with Windows if you privation to play your PC games.

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