Windows 11 Phone Link is a full redesign of Your Phone app

Windows 11 Phone Link is a full redesign of Your Phone app

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Microsoft has announced a rebranding of its Your Phone app to the sanction Phone Link, alongside the latest Windows 11 update.

With the caller sanction comes a redesign of the Phone Link app, with caller controls, colors, icons, and illustrations to spell on with the Windows 11 update.

The caller   Phone Link app successful  Windows 11.

Microsoft has besides introduced a caller setup method, which allows users to scan a QR codification from their phones to brace the feature. The Android companion app has besides been renamed Link to Windows, which tin inactive beryllium downloaded successful the Google Play Store. Both the Windows 11 and Android apps volition person the aforesaid icon for casual identification.

Microsoft has present announced its plans to spouse with the marque Honor to bring Phone Link to devices successful China. Some models see the Honor Magic V, the Honor Magic 4 series, and the Honor Magic 3 bid devices. Microsoft promises compatibility with much Android devices successful the future.

First introduced implicit 3 years ago, Your Phone has been an enactment for accessing your phone’s functions straight from your computer. First, it was constricted to conscionable photos and texts, but aboriginal came notifications, telephone calls, and different app integrations.

Phone Link connected  Windows laptop and phone.

The concern started with Microsoft’s ain Surface Duo telephone but much precocious has extended to the astir fashionable Android company, Samsung. Samsung announced its concern to bring the diagnostic to the Galaxy S22 bid successful February. As portion of that collaboration, Samsung models including the Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S series, and the Galaxy Note bid are besides compatible with Your Phone, present known arsenic Phone Link.

The Phone Link rebrand is conscionable 1 spotlighted diagnostic Microsoft has confirmed up of its April 5 event, which is expected to showcase much caller developments successful Windows 11 successful summation to much of the brand’s software. The lawsuit is expected to person a productivity focus, with connection that Microsoft volition apt sermon updates to its Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft Teams, arsenic good arsenic different Microsoft 365 applications.

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