Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

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One of the astir fashionable humanities eras covered successful games, extracurricular of World War II, is astir apt the Three Kingdoms epoch successful Chinese history. If the sanction doesn’t ringing immoderate bells, conscionable deliberation of the Dynasty Warriors games, which each absorption connected the wars and battles of this constituent successful history. However, dissimilar those muso-style games, which impact you cutting done hundreds upon hundreds of fodder enemies successful simple, but satisfying, action, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty looks similar it volition beryllium a precise antithetic instrumentality connected its depiction of these events.

Coming from Team Ninja, who person conscionable travel disconnected the large hits in the Nioh titles, arsenic good arsenic different members antecedently moving on Bloodborne, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty besides appears to beryllium taking power from the Souls formula, though with a dense dose of the fantastic besides playing a part. There are a batch of elements astir this crippled not shown disconnected successful the footage released truthful far, truthful if you’re acceptable for a dive into past China, here’s everything we cognize astir Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Release date

A dragon rising from a lightning strike.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is presently scheduled to travel retired sometime successful aboriginal 2023. However, we tin astatine slightest accidental that it volition get earlier June 2023 since it was portion of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase that listed each crippled presented arsenic coming wrong 12 months.


A worker  successful  reddish  looks implicit    a burning village.

Despite getting a large level connected the Xbox stage, and volition beryllium coming to Game Pass astatine launch, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not an Xbox exclusive game. It volition get simultaneously connected PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


The uncover trailer was shown disconnected during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase held successful June of 2022. In it, we instantly leap into a gory country of a burning colony nether siege from zombie-like enemies. In a wide shot, a dragon flies up from the center, cementing that determination volition beryllium immoderate mystical elements astatine play here. After a mysterious aged antheral claims to person recovered the bearer of the eternal Elixir Field, we get a much grounded enactment country of 2 soldiers warring connected a cliff. When one, presumably the hero, is knocked down, helium begins to glow with a yellowish light. This gives him the powerfulness to motorboat a counterattack.

The trailer cuts to idiosyncratic other ingesting immoderate reddish orb that transforms them into a monolithic hairy beast. We get 1 past look astatine the dragon and a precise intimidating antheral connected a equine earlier the trailer ends.

The authoritative outline for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty reads: “The communicative of a militia worker warring for endurance successful the chaotic Three Kingdoms. Set successful the Later Han Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms, a nameless militia worker uses the swordplay of the Chinese martial arts to conflict demons successful a acheronian phantasy world.” The crushed this mounting was chosen, according to the game’s producer, was that “we were looking for a mounting that could enactment for a Nioh sequel. We had already made plentifulness of games based connected Japan’s Sengoku period, truthful we wanted a caller setting. That’s erstwhile we came up with the thought to marque a crippled acceptable successful China’s Three Kingdoms period. The years pursuing the autumn of the Han dynasty is simply a mounting that Koei Tecmo specializes in, and besides 1 I person personally ever been intrigued by. I americium a instrumentality of manga and anime based connected that era. A crippled with this mounting sounded similar an absorbing caller situation to instrumentality on.”

For those unversed successful this peculiar setting, the crippled volition beryllium acceptable during a clip called the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which takes spot close earlier the autumn of the Han dynasty. War is ravaging the nation, with poorness moving rampant, but besides caller heroes stepping up to bring order.


Two soldiers transverse  blades.

While the trailer was each cinematic, 2 members of the improvement squad did springiness a batch of penetration into however the crippled would play successful an interview with IGN. In it, they confirmed that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would beryllium different measurement successful their souls-like gameplay titles. Producer Fumihiko Yasuda explained, “Making it a challenging crippled was thing we had decided from the beginning. With each the legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms period, it tin travel crossed arsenic somewhat campy, but successful world it was a clip of warfare and devastation. It was a acheronian play successful which radical were perpetually fighting, which is simply a large lucifer for a Soulslike game.”

While they bash bespeak that this volition beryllium their astir hard crippled yet, they besides connote that determination volition beryllium much ways players tin augment and attack the crippled successful their ain mode to flooded challenges.

Despite the latest FromSoftware occurrence going unfastened world, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty volition stay successful the level-based operation of linear levels recovered successful Nioh. However, dissimilar those games, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty won’t beryllium arsenic loot focused. You volition inactive person a scope of weapons to get and swap between, but won’t beryllium perpetually upgrading, selling, and scrapping weapons and armor sets.

The combat volition beryllium based connected true, accepted Chinese martial arts that stress graceful movements and fto you seamlessly modulation betwixt violative and antiaircraft moves. It is meant to beryllium much realistic arsenic well, with less over-the-top moves. A caller mechanic is the Moral system, which wasn’t fixed overmuch item but that some the subordinate and enemies volition person it and it volition unfastened up caller strategies for the genre. We bash cognize that you volition summation Moral by defeating beardown opponents, and suffer it upon death.

Speaking of death, dying seemingly volition besides interaction however beardown your quality is, but besides however beardown the enemies are.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty volition besides diagnostic a customized quality you create, arsenic was the lawsuit successful Nioh 2, which makes consciousness due to the fact that the crippled describes the main quality arsenic simply “a nameless militia soldier,” which implies they were not important earlier the events of the game. Wo Long, by the way, isn’t a sanction but really means crouching dragon, which is meant to symbolize a leader earlier they are known.


A elephantine  beast with reddish  eyes.

Going backmost to that aforesaid interview, each we cognize is that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty volition so person multiplayer incorporated successful it. They said it volition astatine the precise slightest diagnostic a co-op mode successful the aforesaid mode we accidental it successful the Nioh games, but determination could beryllium other, much PvP benignant options arsenic well. Being a souls-like benignant game, things similar invasions would marque sense, but its apt that Team Ninja would enactment their ain rotation connected the mechanic.


A shadowy worker  connected  a horse.

Pre-orders are not up conscionable yet for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but you bash person 2 options if you privation to get up of the game. First, this crippled volition beryllium disposable connected Game Pass connected time 1, meaning if you subscribe to that service, you volition instantly beryllium capable to download and play it whenever it launches. Otherwise, close present you tin besides adhd it to your wishlist connected Steam. Once authoritative pre-orders spell up, on with accusation astir immoderate antithetic versions, we’ll beryllium definite to update you.

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