Xbox Series X and Nvidia GPUs could get big performance boosts... from AMD?!

Xbox Series X and Nvidia GPUs could get big performance boosts... from AMD?!

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Examples of FidelityFX Super Resolution
(Image credit: AMD)

Xbox Series X and Nvidia GPU owners are acceptable to get large show boosts from a somewhat improbable source, arsenic AMD is acceptable to enactment these devices with FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, the company's next-generation upscaling tech that was conscionable announced astatine GDC 2022.

As reported by Gamespot, AMD unveiled its FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 upscaling tech during its GDC 2022 keynote, and confirmed it volition beryllium disposable to Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU owners arsenic good arsenic players connected Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Although details astir enactment connected Microsoft consoles were slim - AMD stated it didn't presently person a timeline of erstwhile we tin expect FSR 2.0 connected Xbox - it's large that the tech is coming to consoles astatine all.

Much similar the archetypal procreation tech AMD launched past year, FSR 2.0 is presently confirmed to diagnostic 3 chiseled graphical settings; Quality, Balanced and Performance modes. And portion we person nary factual motorboat day for FSR 2.0 conscionable yet, AMD is targeting a merchandise model of Q2 2022. As such, we tin apt expect FSR 2.0 to driblet sometime betwixt April and June.

What is FidelityFX Super Resolution?

Much similar Nvidia's ain DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is upscaling exertion that boosts the solution of supported games with minimal hits to wide performance. The tech is capable to upscale to much demanding resolutions, then, specified arsenic 4K, truthful agelong arsenic the idiosyncratic owns a supported GPU oregon console.

What this means for the extremity idiosyncratic is they're capable to acquisition a higher level of representation prime connected lower-end hardware, and won't request to interruption the slope connected a flagship GPU similar the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090.

It's a immense triumph for console owners, too, wherever fixed hardware means upgrades aren't imaginable without buying a abstracted console entirely. Many current-gen titles besides diagnostic show modes that little the solution successful bid to boost framework rates. With tech similar FSR 2.0, supported games could get to bask the champion of some worlds: a rock-solid framework complaint paired with a crisp 4K resolution.

Analysis: volition FSR 2.0 travel to PS5 oregon Switch?

We're precise pleased that FSR 2.0 is coming to Xbox Series X/S consoles, of course. But considering AMD's archetypal procreation of the upscaling tech is already disposable connected Microsoft's systems, it does look similar a no-brainer that its next-gen tech would travel suit.

We'd beryllium much funny successful seeing if FSR 2.0 makes its mode to different consoles, too, particularly considering the tech is unfastened source. What's more, the PS5 shares overmuch of the aforesaid AMD hardware that the Xbox Series X is built with. As such, it would beryllium a shame if PS5 owners were to miss retired connected FSR 2.0 erstwhile it seems similar it'd beryllium close astatine location connected Sony's flagship console, too.

One different console to see is the Nintendo Switch, wherever upscaling tech could earnestly payment the comparatively underpowered console. On Switch, games typically headdress retired astatine 1080p successful docked mode, and 720p erstwhile played portably. Introducing FSR to the Switch could beryllium a immense boon for the console, then, particularly arsenic we're apt not going to spot the Nintendo Switch 2 for rather immoderate time.

FSR connected Nintendo Switch doesn't look each that unrealistic, either. During the Nintendo Switch Sports web test, for example, a idiosyncratic was capable to find evidence of FSR implementation wrong the game's assorted licenses, perchance hinting the upscaling tech could beryllium utilized for aboriginal first-party titles from Nintendo.

FSR 2.0's strategy requirements mightiness beryllium beyond the scope of the Switch's existent hardware, but if the upscaling tech does so travel to the portable console, we'd emotion to spot AMD's next-gen mentation beryllium supported connected a imaginable upgraded Switch exemplary determination down the line.

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