Xiaomi 12 Pro global flagship announced for $999

Xiaomi 12 Pro global flagship announced for $999

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Xiaomi has announced the planetary mentation of the Xiaomi 12 Pro, its archetypal planetary flagship telephone since dropping the “Mi” branding. As with earlier phones successful the Mi bid similar last year’s Mi 11, it’s a high-end instrumentality that seeks to bushed competitors similar Samsung connected price-performance ratio.

The plan of the telephone is straightforward but attractive. The grey exemplary I’ve been investigating has a matte decorativeness connected the frosted solid that’s astir intolerable to mar with fingerprints. The surface is simply a somewhat curved 6.73-inch 120Hz 1440p LTPO OLED sheet that looks great. Like each different 2022 flagship, the processor is simply a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. You tin get 8GB oregon 12GB of RAM, and there’s 256GB of storage. The artillery is 4,600mAh and charges astatine up to 120W with a cablegram and 50W wirelessly.

The camera strategy includes 3 50 megapixel sensors. The main camera sensor is simply a 1/1.28” Sony IMX707, portion the different cameras are a 115-degree ultrawide and a 2x telephoto. The selfie camera is 32 megapixels. Xiaomi claims the main camera has a 120 percent betterment successful light-gathering quality implicit the Mi 11’s, which was decent but utilized a 108-megapixel sensor that was a small outdated adjacent erstwhile the telephone launched. The Xiaomi 12 Pro is the archetypal telephone to usage this caller IMX707 sensor.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro isn’t the astir breathtaking oregon revolutionary telephone connected the market, but determination doesn’t look to beryllium overmuch incorrect with it either. The plan is connected constituent and the spec expanse is beardown crossed the board, though I haven’t had capable clip to decently trial the cameras.

While the Xiaomi 12 Pro won’t motorboat successful the US and circumstantial pricing volition alteration by determination currency, Xiaomi says it’ll commencement astatine $999. That puts it up against the Galaxy S22 Plus, and connected insubstantial astatine slightest the Xiaomi 12 Pro has a beardown case. The surface is bigger and sharper, the cameras are mostly higher resolution, and the artillery is larger and charges faster.

The catch, arsenic ever, is wherever you’ll beryllium capable to bargain one. The telephone is already retired successful China, and Xiaomi tells maine it’ll besides beryllium disposable successful “global markets including but not constricted to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.”