Yeedi Vac Max review: Impressive smart vacuum at a reasonable price

Yeedi Vac Max review: Impressive smart vacuum at a reasonable price

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Yeedi Vac Max connected  grey carpet.

Yeedi Vac Max

MSRP $370.00

“A robust companion app, adjustable suction levels, and an affordable terms marque this robot vacuum an enticing option.”


  • Affordable price
  • Automatically adjusts suction levels
  • Powerful smartphone app
  • Option to acceptable restricted zones


  • Easily stuck connected obstacles
  • Lackluster mopping abilities

Robot vacuums person travel a agelong mode implicit the past fewer years. No longer are consumers constricted to high-end models that outgo adjacent to $1,000, arsenic aggregate companies person thrown their hats into the ringing and are providing amazingly businesslike products for fractional the outgo of their competitors.

The Yeedi Vac Max is 1 specified robot vacuum. Listed for conscionable $370 (and often connected merchantability for overmuch less), the budget-conscious merchandise is billing itself arsenic a almighty cleaning solution that punches supra its MSRP. After putting the Vac Max done its paces implicit the past month, the robot vacuum has proven to beryllium a reliable merchandise — though there’s surely country for improvement.

Powerful specs, affordable price

Yeedi Vac Max connected  grey carpet.

One of the astir shocking aspects of the Yeedi Vac Max is its spec list. Whether you’re looking astatine artillery beingness oregon suction power, the database is indicative of a merchandise that should transportation a overmuch larger terms tag. Here’s a person look astatine what your $370 is buying.

  • 3000Pa suction powerfulness with aggregate powerfulness levels
  • Functions arsenic some a vacuum and mop
  • Automatic powerfulness level adjustments
  • Customizable location representation utilizing a smartphone app
  • Ability to adhd virtual boundaries to your home
  • 5200mAh artillery for astir 3 hours of continuous use
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • One-year warranty

Using the almighty Yeedi app to representation your home

Yeedi smartphone app connected  Android.

Before you tin person your robot cleaner whizzing astir your house, you’ll archetypal request to spell done a alternatively lengthy setup phase. This process sees you connecting Yeedi to your location Wi-Fi web and installing the app connected your smartphone. With that retired of the way, Yeedi volition past roam each country of your location arsenic it maps retired your surviving space.

Regardless of what you’re looking to modify, you tin bash it each from your phone.

While this is going, you’ll person a batch of downtime to research the smartphone app — and you’re going to request it. The Yeedi app covers conscionable astir each bases. Whether you’re looking to acceptable up scheduled cleaning times, show the determination of your astute vacuum, set suction power, oregon modify different cleaning preferences, you tin bash it each from your phone.

You tin besides acceptable up virtual boundaries, which forestall Yeedi from venturing into delicate areas of your home. The diagnostic was an implicit lifesaver, arsenic the Vac Max had a inclination to get hung up underneath my table oregon erstwhile trying to cleanable betwixt barstools. With conscionable a fewer seconds of tapping distant connected the app, I was capable to propulsion down virtual boundaries that forestall the astute vacuum from wandering into locations wherever it’s bound to get stuck.

After astir a half-hour of mapping retired my downstairs surviving space, Yeedi was acceptable for a afloat debut.

Not the sharpest instrumentality successful the shed

The underside of the Yeedi Vac Max.

Unfortunately, that’s erstwhile things started to get a spot shaky. While mapping retired my home, I recovered Yeedi backtracking and retracing its steps aggregate times — thing I thought was lone portion of the mapping process. However, that seems to beryllium modular operating procedure. Even aft a month, I inactive find Yeedi recleaning the aforesaid portion of the location aggregate times, portion different locations are near undisturbed. The areas didn’t look to beryllium peculiarly soiled (some robot vacuums volition screen the aforesaid country doubly to guarantee a thorough cleaning), truthful it near maine wondering wherefore Yeedi was giving it a 2nd pass. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is simply a spot frustrating.

Yeedi has a inclination to get stuck connected objects.

Since Yeedi has a inclination to get stuck connected objects (just similar each smart vacuum), you’ll request to marque definite your level is escaped of toys, clothing, shoelaces, oregon different tiny items that tin origin it to stumble. Yeedi has immoderate decent pep successful its step, but I’ve often recovered it hung up connected tiny canine toys that I assumed it would consciousness arsenic an obstacle and avoid. Instead, it likes to enactment arsenic a bulldozer. Objects volition past get tangled successful its brushwood oregon forestall the vacuum from moving — astatine which point, you’ll get an alert that Yeedi needs to beryllium reset.

Mopping is besides a spot haphazard. Clipping and unclipping the mopping pad is simply a elemental capable process (and there’s an enactment to bounds Yeedi to conscionable mopping) but it’s conscionable 1 much happening to babysit if you privation Yeedi to both mop and vacuum — I’d alternatively Swiffer the level myself portion Yeedi takes attraction of the carpet.

Several mopping settings are disposable that alteration the magnitude of h2o utilized successful cleaning, though I recovered that the mean enactment was the astir practical. Other settings either didn’t enactment down capable h2o for due cleaning oregon soaked the level much than necessary. The mopping functionality is simply a bully touch, but it’s not executed astir arsenic good arsenic the vacuum.

Our take

Yeedi Vac Max opened to amusement   its particulate  bin.

Yeedi Vac Max is simply a amazingly robust small robot vacuum. Offering a fantastic smartphone app, sleek design, and specs good supra its terms tag, the time-saving gadget checks each the close boxes — connected insubstantial astatine least. Real-world investigating gave Yeedi immoderate trouble, peculiarly with obstacle detection and retracing its steps. Neither of these is simply a dealbreaker, but they’re thing to see if you person a ample location and don’t privation to perceive a robot vacuuming for hours connected end.

You’d beryllium hard-pressed to find a much feature-complete robot vacuum successful this terms range.

For folks who conscionable request basal cleaning and privation to escaped up a fewer hours of chores each week, Yeedi is an casual recommendation. However, don’t expect this to springiness you a beingness escaped of vacuum maintenance.

A diminutive particulate bin means you’ll beryllium emptying its reservoir aft each cleaning.

The lackluster obstacle sensor means you’ll beryllium picking up objects astir your location anterior to a scheduled cleaning.

And the information that Yeedi itself is prone to the aforesaid tangling issues arsenic a mean vacuum means you’ll beryllium periodically untangling its brushwood rollers. The bully quality is there’s an included brushwood and information razor that makes attraction simple.

But for $370, you’d beryllium hard-pressed to find a much feature-complete robot vacuum successful this terms range.

Are determination amended alternatives?

If you’re looking for thing successful the aforesaid terms scope arsenic the Yeedi Vac Max, see the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30. It carries a $250 terms tag, offers a nifty companion app, and adapts its suction powerfulness based connected the surface. You’ll lone get 2000Pa of suction powerfulness (compared to 3000Pa with the Vac Max), and its sensors tin beryllium conscionable arsenic fussy arsenic Yeedi.

Folks looking for thing a spot much robust tin outpouring for the Neato Botvac D8. It retails for $600, but you’ll payment from a unsocial D-shaped chassis that helps cleanable successful choky spots, the quality to representation retired restricted zones, and a ample particulate bin that tin clasp 0.7L of debris.

Before making a acquisition beryllium definite to cheque retired our database of the best astute vacuums of 2022.

How agelong volition it last?

Yeedi has a one-year warranty, truthful you’ll astatine slightest get a twelvemonth of usage retired of it. But with due attraction and maintenance, there’s nary crushed it shouldn’t past you overmuch longer.

Should you bargain it?

The abbreviated answer? Yes. Yeedi Vac Max is simply a large merchandise fixed its price. While the mapping and detection systems could beryllium a spot much robust, its almighty smartphone app, adjustable suction levels, and the quality to treble arsenic a mop enactment it adjacent the apical of its class. Just marque definite you cautiously prep your location earlier cleaning begins — otherwise, you’ll beryllium forced to assistance Yeedi retired of a jam.

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