You can now downvote comments on TikTok videos

You can now downvote comments on TikTok videos

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TikTok has a caller diagnostic and this clip it’s for the remark conception of its short-form videos.

On Friday, TikTok announced via a tweet that it was globally releasing a caller dislike fastener diagnostic for TikTok video comments. The tweeted announcement offered up a fewer details astir what to expect and an representation of the caller feature:

1️⃣ This is what it looks similar 👇

— TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) September 23, 2022

Essentially, the dislike fastener functions overmuch similar you’d deliberation it would. If you spot an unrelated oregon unseemly comment, you tin prime the caller dislike fastener (a thumbs-down icon to the close of the similar button/heart icon). While comments tin inactive person the full fig of likes displayed adjacent to them, TikTok says that the fig of dislikes a remark garners won’t beryllium displayed astatine all. TikTok users volition besides beryllium capable to “take back” a dislike they gave a remark by selecting the fastener again.

Which begs the question: If the fig of dislikes isn’t shown adjacent to a comment, wherefore person a dislike fastener astatine all? Well, according to TikTok’s tweet thread announcement, it’s a mode for users to fto TikTok cognize astir the beingness of “irrelevant oregon inappropriate comments” truthful that TikTok tin “create a amended acquisition for our community.” That said, it’s inactive unclear what happens to a remark that gets a batch of dislikes. We reached retired to TikTok to get immoderate clarification connected what happens to comments that person a ton of dislikes and if we perceive back, we’ll update this nonfiction with its response.

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