You can spin the gear in Windows 11’s Notepad app and it’s delightful

You can spin the gear in Windows 11’s Notepad app and it’s delightful

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I’ve conscionable spent an hr spinning the cogwheel successful Windows 11’s caller Notepad app. Reddit users discovered this delightful summation to Windows 11 recently, and arsenic a regular Notepad idiosyncratic I’m addicted. Not connected the level of my 1990s Solitaire addiction, but I can’t look to halt spinning this damn cogwheel each clip I unfastened Notepad now. Spin, spin, spin.

I don’t cognize wherefore Microsoft added this tiny animation that astir radical volition ne'er discover, but I emotion this small Windows Easter egg. It’s not constricted to Notepad either. The latest trial versions of Windows 11 see a new Task Manager UI, and there’s a cogwheel you tin rotation determination too. That means each clip I spell to unit clang an app successful Task Manager, I’m gonna walk much clip than I should spinning the small cogwheel successful the corner.

You tin besides rotation the cogwheel successful the caller Windows 11 Task Manager.

I shouldn’t truly beryllium amazed that this exists, due to the fact that Microsoft does emotion a bully Easter egg. The institution celebrated 20 years of Xbox past twelvemonth with concealed symbols connected its constricted variation controllers and Xbox Series X console. Clippy besides replaced Cortana successful a Windows Phone Easter egg, and a SkiFree-like surfing crippled made its mode into Microsoft Edge a mates of years ago.

Some of Microsoft’s Easter eggs are truthful good hidden that they don’t get discovered for decades. A 20-year-old Xbox Easter egg was discovered past year, conscionable weeks aft different hidden punctual was found successful Windows 95.

Now, if you email oregon tweet maine and wonderment wherefore I haven’t replied... I’m astir apt engaged spinning a cogwheel successful Notepad.

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