YouTube launched 17 years ago today with this video

YouTube launched 17 years ago today with this video

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It was 17 years agone connected Sunday that a 25-year-old feline called Jawed Karim uploaded the archetypal video to YouTube, kickstarting a work that went connected to go the go-to hub for video streaming and giving anyone with a camera and a bully thought the accidental to marque a surviving retired of their ain content.

The archetypal video was, it has to beryllium said, thing to constitute location about. The low-res, 19-second clip (below), called Me astatine the zoo, features YouTube co-founder Karim astatine San Diego Zoo, helpfully pointing retired that elephants person remarkably agelong trunks.

Like astir videos that landed connected the streaming tract successful those aboriginal days, the clip lacks the highly produced touches that diagnostic truthful heavy successful overmuch of the contented that fills the level today.

“All right, truthful present we are successful beforehand of the elephants,” Karim says to the camera connected YouTube’s first-ever video. “The chill happening astir these guys is that they person really, really, truly agelong trunks, and that’s cool, and that’s beauteous overmuch each determination is to say.”

Of course, erstwhile helium recorded and uploaded the clip, Karim had cognize thought that YouTube would spell connected to go the improvement that it is today. Nor that his video would rack up hundreds of millions of views successful the years that followed.

A period aft Karim’s video deed the tract successful April 2005, YouTube launched a nationalist beta of the work earlier an authoritative motorboat successful November of that year. At astir the aforesaid time, Karim near YouTube to survey for a masters grade successful machine subject astatine Stanford University, but received shares worthy tens of millions of dollars erstwhile Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 cardinal successful 2006. Karim went connected to co-found a task money called Youniversity Ventures (now YVentures), with Airbnb and Reddit among those benefiting from investments.

The creator of YouTube’s archetypal video occasionally edits the clip’s statement to explicit his sentiment if the institution makes a alteration to the level that helium doesn’t like. Last year, for example, Karim criticized YouTube’s removal of nationalist dislike counts.

As of April 2022, the elephant clip has been viewed much than 228 cardinal times and received much than 11 cardinal comments. A caller 1 said: “Let’s beryllium honest, we’re each going to amusement our children this video 1 day.”

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