YouTube locks 4K playback behind Premium subscriptions in latest test

YouTube locks 4K playback behind Premium subscriptions in latest test

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YouTube is moving a trial that places its 4K videos down a YouTube Premium subscription. In caller weeks, immoderate users have reported seeing playback of 2160p solution video restricted with substance labeling it arsenic a premium feature. YouTube has since confirmed via Twitter that those seeing the caller restrictions were portion of an experimentation to amended recognize the diagnostic preferences of Premium and non-Premium viewers.

It isn’t wide if YouTube volition really restrict each non-Premium users to 1440p video quality, however, the institution did nonstop its users to leave feedback connected the restrictions successful bid for the Google subsidy to “make improvements.” Google did not supply further clarification erstwhile contacted by The Verge for comment.

A YouTube Premium subscription volition acceptable you backmost $11.99 per period successful the US, with prices varying crossed different regions. The work grants entree to YouTube Music Premium, arsenic good arsenic in-app downloads, inheritance play, and astir importantly: ad-free viewing. YouTube has been known for immoderate reasonably assertive advertising, with 9to5Google reporting that a erstwhile trial saw the institution spot arsenic galore arsenic 10 unskippable ads onto a azygous video.

It was estimated that YouTube had astir 2.24 cardinal planetary users successful 2021, of which lone astir 50 cardinal were Premium and Music subscribers. That’s a lot of imaginable upsell gross for Google aft suffering a caller slump successful profits. As 4K solution TVs person go commonplace, being restricted to ad-riddled, 1080p solution videos mightiness beryllium what begrudgingly forces immoderate YouTube users to spell Premium if Google follows done connected the change.

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