YouTube TV finally adds picture-in-picture for iPhone and iPad

YouTube TV finally adds picture-in-picture for iPhone and iPad

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After months of promises and and utmost patience from customers, YouTube TV yet has added a picture-in-picture diagnostic (also referred to arsenic PiP) for iPhone and iPad. The institution confirmed the rollout this week, and it started appearing successful the app a fewer hours later, seemingly triggered by a server-side update.

The diagnostic allows you to proceed watching a amusement successful a smaller model portion doing thing other connected your device.

YouTube TV's picture-in-picture diagnostic   shown atop a web browser connected  an iPhone.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

To activate PiP mode, you’ll request to beryllium really watching a video first, and past power to different app, oregon swipe up to spell to the location screen. The progressive video volition shrink into a country of your device, and you tin past resistance it to immoderate different country you wish.

The diagnostic has been long-requested by iOS users — and it was added to the YouTube app successful June 2021. But it wasn’t made disposable for YouTube TV until now. Neal Mohan, YouTube’s main merchandise officer, said successful February that it was coming, and a period and a fractional aboriginal it’s here.

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iPhone & iPad users 🔊

We’re blessed to stock that picture-in-picture is present rolling retired to your iOS 15+ devices. Simply prime a video to ticker and swipe ⬆️ from the bottommost of the surface to instrumentality to the device's homepage. The video tin standard down and determination crossed your screen.

— YouTube TV (@YouTubeTV) March 30, 2022

YouTube TV is believed to beryllium the second-largest unrecorded TV streaming work successful the United States. It past reported “more than 3 million” subscribers successful October 2020, but hasn’t fixed an update since. Hulu With Live TV past reported having 4.1 cardinal paid subscribers, and Sling TV had 2.486 cardinal subscribers astatine past count.

YouTube TV costs $65 a period and comes with the quality to person a half-dozen 2nd profiles attached to a subscription, each with the quality to “record” arsenic galore shows and movies arsenic they want. It’s disposable connected each large streaming platform, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which are the 2 largest platforms successful the world. It’s besides disposable connected Google TV and Android TV, Apple TV, assorted astute TV platforms, and successful a web browser.

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