Zuckerberg details his plan to move your digital items across the metaverse

Zuckerberg details his plan to move your digital items across the metaverse

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Mark Zuckerberg announced connected Wednesday that Facebook Pay has officially go Meta Pay, but his station is chiefly focused connected what the institution hopes to physique successful the aboriginal — “a wallet for the metaverse.” While Meta Pay is fundamentally the aforesaid instrumentality arsenic it was before, conscionable with Meta branding, Zuckerberg says the institution is moving connected thing that volition fto users negociate their identities, items, and outgo methods portion making their mode done the integer satellite that Meta bets volition beryllium the future.

The institution has hinted astatine these plans earlier — its May announcement of the Meta Pay rebranded besides mentioned that it was “scoping retired what a azygous wallet acquisition mightiness look like” with regards to making payments and storing your individuality and integer items. Zuckerberg’s post, though, focuses mostly connected however the company’s metaverse wallet volition alteration impervious of integer ownership; helium mentions however it could beryllium utilized to make and bargain “digital clothing, art, videos, music, experiences, virtual events, and more.”

A Facebook station  from Mark Zuckerberg, talking astir  the company’s plans for Meta Pay and a wallet for the metaverse. Zuckerberg admits the thought is successful its aboriginal days.

The conception of a wallet that proves you ain integer items sounds a lot similar crypto wallets that clasp NFTs. And portion Zuckerberg’s station doesn’t notation the blockchain astatine all, the institution has recently been moving on integrating NFTs into Instagram and Facebook. Still, the institution hasn’t truly said whether it plans connected really gathering its metaverse utilizing crypto oregon whether it’ll conscionable instrumentality inspiration from it. (Given Meta’s history, the second whitethorn beryllium the champion option; its effort astatine making an existent cryptocurrency didn’t extremity well, and it’s reportedly looking into a integer currency that’s not based connected the blockchain.)

Zuckerberg besides says the program is for Meta’s wallet to beryllium interoperable, letting you bring your goods to “any metaverse experience.” While Zuckerberg has admitted that he’s not definite what interoperability volition look similar betwixt companies, Meta recently helped signifier a standards group with the extremity of getting everyone connected the aforesaid leafage erstwhile it comes to connection and tech related to the metaverse.

The wallet that Zuckerberg details is apt a ways disconnected — particularly if it’s meant to beryllium interoperable based connected standards that don’t beryllium yet. However, that hasn’t stopped the institution from selling integer items successful the meantime; it already has a store that sells apparel for your integer avatars.